I've Always Loved You!

This is my first story, so please comment if I need some help!
Hello, I'm Alyssa. Niall and I used to be best friends. Yes. Niall Horan from One Direction. He left for X-Factor and that's when everything changed. (Mild language)


13. YUP.


We were kissing roughly and I slowly took off his shirt and he let out a soft moan. He ripped my black dress free, realizing I wasn't wearing a bra, and smirked to himself. I decided to tease I little bit---- take that back. Full on teasing. I pushed him off of me earning a questioning look. I grabbed my pjs and kept my thong on and got dressed. I threw him his boxers and said "you know what babe... I'm tired. Not tonight. "

"You're such a fucking tease." He mumbled.

I needed a shower..... "Getting in the shower babe." I told him.

"May I join?" He whispered seductively, sending shivers down my spine. "It'd be my pleasure." I said in a posh voice earning a chuckle. We walked into the washroom and I slowly, not losing eye contact with Niall, removed my clothes one by one and they dropped to the floor. I bent over to turn on the water and my ass was right in his view. Perfect. The water was pretty warm and I walked over to him and pulled down his boxers. His dick was standing straight up.... "Little eager aren't we." I whispered. I got in the shower with Niall following behind. I was on my pill so if we did ya know.... Do it.... We'd be fine. He was fully in the shower about to pick up my shampoo when I smashed my lips onto his. We were making out for.... About.... 10 mins... With younger action. He turned off the water. And he whispered "jump" and I did as told. He opened the shower door, us still soaking wet and he plopped me on our bed. He spread my legs and his face went directly to my lower region. He kissed my inner thighs getting a moan from me and he plunged 1 finger into me without warning. I screamed in pleasure. "Baby we need to stretch you out..." He whispered. He removed his finger and started licking my clit. Flicking it around, sucking, biting, etc. then he started tonging me. I moaned his name loudly. "Scream my name baby. Let everyone know who's making you feel this good." Niall whispered. I flipped us over so I was on top. I grabbed his dick and started licking the tip. "Ohhhh. Oh Alyssa how r u this good?" Niall moaned. I started to throat him and he was bobbing my head causing me to gag a time or two. "I'm gonna c-cum" he moaned. Then this salty tasting liquid exploded into my mouth. I licked my lips and got back on top of him. I know I'm a virgin and all but.... I know a lot! I was about I start riding him but he flipped us over. He looked me in the eyes for approval and I nodded. He pushed into me and stayed and let me adjust to his size. I closes my eyes and 1 single tear fell and he saw. He removed himself,"baby if ur not ready we don-" "no I ready go again." He positioned himself in me and started with slow easy thrust. "Faster" I moaned. He quickened the pace making me release average moans. He was going now, faster than ever... Making me moan loudly. Very loudly. I flipped him over so I was on top and I felt myself cum. Niall smiled happily to himself and I started riding him and we were both moaning. I felt him twitch and he cummed inside of me causing me to moan.... I kissed him and went down to his neck leaving a love bite and he did the same to me. He massaged my breast and sucked them making me moan. Yes, his wonderful dick was still inside me. I turned us sideways and we were spooning. "Nialler... That was the best sex I've ever had" "considering it was both of our first... Yeah it was amazing." He replied. I was in pure shock. He was still a virgin?!? "Well not anymore princess..." He said. I guess I spoke aloud. "Let's get dressed I wanna go downstairs!!!"

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