Embarrasing stories entry for the competition

Lucy is the most clumsiest girl and when she sets her school on fire what happens?


1. poem


We all know how it feels to be embarrassed

like having a crush and it gets out

that doesn't mean were careless

it's the thought that count's


Some people are fearless

and don't care what people think

some go speechless

and when teased they shrink


Imagine farting in school

and everyone knows its you

FYI you'll probably lose your cool

Just don't do it in the pool


Lunch on your new clothes

and you don't have spares

washing it down with the hose

and you go down in tears


Waiting for the bus

then you get splashed

you don't fuss

and then it starts to lash


Falling asleep in class

forgetting you snored

poor lad or lass

the class was no longer bored


Tripping on your on leg

into a puddle

and you hurt your head

now you need a cuddle


Mums helping out with the dance

tells embarrassing stories

feel like moving to France

and always eating curries


Embarrassed what does it mean,

to be humiliated or feel self conscious

not to be keen

or feel really anxious


To feel uneasy,sheepish

or unsettled

like you vanished

and want to grumble


You want to be anywhere but there

but unfortunately you can't

you feel like pulling your hair

rather than hear them tease and chant.


I finished and uploaded it to my blog,probably doesn't make sense.Hi I'm Lucy Miker you know the girl who sits at the back gets shoved into lockers and gets laughed at well that's me the most clumsiest person in the school that's what I got placed as in the yearbook my mom says I'm thick in the head her way of saying I love you I think and my dads way is by calling me a sap which basically means idiot.I got up from my bed to get dressed to start my nightmare of a day.Oh and it's Friday yay.Remember the Rebecca Black song Friday.

Friday,Friday gotta get down on Friday everyones looking forward to the weekend weekend!





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