The True Duty of Royalty


1. Prologue: The True Duty of Royalty

"Alpha to Omega. Do you copy?" I said to my transmitter.

"Target is in position." said Julian over the transmitter.

I signalled my team to move out. We were in the Sahara dessert. There was a secret french terrorist base here and we needed to destroy it to maintain world peace. This base was run by a group of terrorists based in France, they were called 'Le syndicat de la destruction'. They were creating nulear war heads. It was the job of princes' to stop them.

"Omega is advancing." said Julian.

"Alpha advance" I said to my team.

We moved as close to the warehouse as possible. There were two guards on the east side of the building. We needed them out of the picture.

"Shoot the guards on the east" I said to my transmitter. After the sound of two silenced gunshots the guards were down. Their necks bleeding. We headed for the building.

"No one in site. Commence the implantation." I said to everyone through my transmitter.We took out C4s from our knapsacks and placed them on the sides of the building.

"Implantation complete" said Julian

"Same here. Begin extraction." I ordered. My team headed for the sand dunes to hide while Julian and I headed inside the warehouse. The warehouse was full of machines and people carrying boxes. Suddenly there was an explosion on the roof.

"Princesses." said Julian as he ran to my side.

*                                              *                                                     *

"We got here first" I said "Princesses get ready for the extraction of the warhead."

I grabbed a long metal wire and descended from the jet with it. The warhead was below me. It was as tall as a rocket. I placed the wire on top of the war head and signalled for  the plane to ascend. As I was entering the jet I saw... Princes' 

"Leave now! There is a prince!" I shouted to my team. They started to scramble. As the plane started to fly away the warehouse exploded. Knowing the pinces' that wasn't a surprise.


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