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this story is not a fairy tale. major bumps in the road. Ellie has some troubles in life when her dad dies, and her mom is out of control. Louis is the only one who can keep her bound. But can he forever? read on to find out


3. it's time

Ellie's P.O.V.


As soon as I sent the message to Louis I got dressed and fixed my hair. I didn't bother putting make up on my bruises. Louis needed to see them. I ran straight to window and crawled out. I ran to the only tree in my yard and got my BMX bike that was laying against it. I pedaled as fast as I could until I was out of my houses sight then slowed down as I became near to the park. I got off and layer my bike against the tree and waited. I started to see a figure with shaggy hair come towards the park.

"Louis." I cried

"Ellie? What's going on? Are you okay?"

He cupped my cheek and wiped my tears away with his thumb. He slowly pulled away when he noticed I flinched. He then pulled me towards the street lamp and I saw nothing but shock and hurt written on his face.

"Ells, who did this to you?"

"It was a new friend mom brought home. Sit down, I need to tell you something I should have confessed a long time ago."

I started to shake with fear and turn pale and cry but I haven't even said anything yet. It's time.

"His name is Darell. And he is one of the men that has done this to me. I have been raped and abused physically and verbally and emotionally. I tried to kill myself the other night. It started to work, but then I realized 'what if I never saw Louis again? What if I never get to tell him that I love him more than a friend? I want to be the friend that he's always been to me and maybe more' so I had to make myself throw up before anything had had happened. My mom had found the bottle the next morning and woke me up out of my bed and beat the shit out if me. Louis, I have never been more scared in my life. Earlier tonight, Darell had raped me again. When I had smart mouthed him, he slapped me so hard. And that's why I winced when you put pressure on my face. I'm so sorry I didn't tell you earlier, I just didn't think you would like me at all. I know you only like me as a frie-"

I didn't get to finish the sentence because all I felt were passionate lips on mine with a smile playing against his lips.

"Lou? What was that f-"

"I have freakin loved you since the 10th grade Ell! Finally I know that you like me too!"

" Lou, I don't like you. I love you. That's what I'm scared about. "

"I'm superman! No need to fear my love. I'm here. Forever and always. I promise."

He kissed me again and we spent the rest of the night at the park just talking and cuddling up on the bench having an overview of the moonlit lake before us.


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