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this story is not a fairy tale. major bumps in the road. Ellie has some troubles in life when her dad dies, and her mom is out of control. Louis is the only one who can keep her bound. But can he forever? read on to find out


2. down hill

Ellie's P.O.V.

I sat in my room with the dark curtains closed. Yesterday was the 3 month anniversary of my fathers death. Lets just say I'm not okay and I haven't gotten close to over it. My mother on the other hand is completely over I guess. I imagine with the guys she brings into the house, she's moving on. Shouldn't it be a little a little later in life where you starting dating again? Apparently not for her. Louis barely comes over because I told him about my mom's men. I told him if he wanted to see me I had to sneak out of the house at night. At night, you say? Well my mom has become rather abusive. Physically and Emotionally. Those "guys", They rape me. They pay my mom and treat me like I'm a fucking barbie doll. Sure play with me because I can't say anything! Shit!

*Knock Knock*

" Ellie! get your ass out here! NOW!" Perfect. Here's the World's Greatest Mom Trophy. Not my sarcasm.


I start walking down the stairs to see a new guy. One I haven't seen before and I would be lying if I said I wasn't scared. He had a big scar on his face. Werewolf scratch? Haha.

" Ellie, this man, Darell, is going to take care of you. I have you outfit in the room already. GO!"

" Mom, please? Don't make me do th-"

I felt the impact of a hand swipe across my face. That's sure to leave a bruise.

" Darell, save the hitting for your session. Your gonna need it."

" Yes ma'am"

I was picked up and thrown over his shoulder and carried to the bedroom.He threw me on the bed harshly.

" get that sexy uniform on for me slut! I wanna see you crave me."

"yea right.." I mumbled low enough hoping he didn't hear it.

" EXCUSE ME SLUT?!" Never mind. He heard it. I feel another slap come across my face. I try not to let the tears come out of my eyes. Doesn't work. I'm not as strong as I used to be. They have ruined me.

" Now. lets take this off." he started to tear off me clothing which wasn't very much. He throws me on the bed and cuffs my wrists to the headboard and my ankles to the end of the bed.

" I see you are already hot for me Ellie. I like that." Fuck you bro. As if.

He spreads my legs farther than they were and begins to swipe his tongue against my sex. I never moaned. It was pain, not pleasure. Why me? he begins to take off his shorts, then his boxers. He plunges into my without any warning. I have no yelp. It's gone on for far to long. I need to tell Louis. Bad. Before I know it, he's uncuffing me and throws his clothes on and leaves the room. I am now in my PJS at the end of the bed as I replay the scarring images that just occurred. I can't stop the tears this time.  I collect myself and run straight to my room locking my door and putting my dresser and bed against it. I text Louis.

* I need to meet up with you at the park tonight.*

* Sure. Is everything okay?*

* No. It's not*

* Ells? You're worrying me.*

* Meet me at the park that we used to go to as kids and I'll explain everything there. I love you Louis xx*

* Ok. I love you too Ellie xxx*


Well that took me a while to write but I think it was worth it!

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