Dark Room

Alexa is in the Photography Club...and she's the only one apparently it's "lame" but she didn't mind the silence. And that's when 5 boys come to her school and join her club does it work out? Will rumours start to fly because of the new boys? Or will there be secrets trapped in her dark room?


5. Chapter 5 We want to join

Harry's P.O.V

So uh what do you do? Like at school? Are you in any clubs? I scan her up and down for an answer, I want to learn so much more about this girl. She moves her long hair from her eyes and just stares at the ground

She then mumbles something

What? I said not knowing what she had said

Photography alright...I take all the pictures

Really?? How many people are in it?

Just me she says still looking down. Why?

Well me and the boys. I quickly cover my mouth.


Erm yeah Me Louis Liam Niall and Zayn...we'd love to join...if that's alright with you

Y-you want to join m-my club? She says while kinda stuttering

Yeah love, I do! We all love photos...is it ok?

Yeah Hazza it's fine but...don't be shocked when you are made fun of like I am...she says looking sad

Baby i wouldn't make fun fun of you and I will not be bothered now let's go inside...we have all classes together so it'll be fun! I take her hand and walk inside

Everyone immediately started staring and she kinda just hid her face in my sleeve.

"Hey hottie, why be with a slut like her? When you can be with a princess like me?" This one girl says.

Sorry but I think you're a little mixed up

"Excuse me" the girl says

Yeah, well you seem a little mixed up. Seeing how you are dressed...you are the slut and Alexa here is the princess...I look down at her and kiss her head. She's my princess and we'd better get to class. I WON'T be seeing you later.

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