Dark Room

Alexa is in the Photography Club...and she's the only one apparently it's "lame" but she didn't mind the silence. And that's when 5 boys come to her school and join her club does it work out? Will rumours start to fly because of the new boys? Or will there be secrets trapped in her dark room?


3. Chapter 3 Leave me alone

That's when I hear a knock

WHO IS IT? I shout...hmmm no answer

I walk over to my front door and there stands a man. Beer bottle empty in one hand rope in the other

And evil look spread across his face as he walked towards me.

"W-who are you? What are you doing here?" I said with a shaky voice

SHUT UP! The man yelled as I back up and he moves closer...my door still open but no one outside to hear my screams.

HELP! I shout but nothing

I SAID SHUT UP! The man screamed

As he backs me into a corner and ties my hand.

Ouch! All I felt was his hand up against my face. I said shut the fuck up! And he hit me again.

LEAVE ME ALONE i shout and boom I'm hit again

Harry's P.O.V

I'm waking down my street when I hear someone...someone yelling

"HELP!" I hear a familiar voice scream

I run down the street and I see a door open and more screams.

I quickly run in. HEY! I shout. WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING TO HER! I don't know where I got the boost of confidence from but it's here and it's not going away.

"Who the fuck are you?" He asks. Hmm I should ask you the same thing I reply while stepping closer

None of you're damn business. Leave her alone

And what if I don't the man said while stepping closer to me. I'll put you in the hospital.

Try me he said but before he could finish I threw a punch to his face then kicked him down.


He tried to get up but I kick him again. And I throw another punch causing his lip to bleed. STOP! STOP! MAN I'LL LEAVE but I will be back he says while limping out the door.

After I ran and locked the door then I heard sobs. And as I turn around I see a beautiful girl with long brown hair staring at me looking so hurt.

Love are you ok? I ask while untying her.

Y-yea just a little...

A little what I said? I could tell in her voice she was scared to death that's when she jumped up and hugged me...I recognize this feeling...

Love? I say

Yea? She replies

Tell me if you get a text....I text the number and I hear a buzz. Read the text she looked at me and nodded...

It says “Finally reunited after the events of last night...you are the girl I have been looking for...we were lost and now found and you're even more beautiful than I remember and I am so happy that i found you and that i could be you're knight in shining armour so will you Alexa Rose be my girlfriend xx Harry”

Yes she says while blushing like crazy. That's when she crashed her lips against mine. Gosh I missed this

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