Dark Room

Alexa is in the Photography Club...and she's the only one apparently it's "lame" but she didn't mind the silence. And that's when 5 boys come to her school and join her club does it work out? Will rumours start to fly because of the new boys? Or will there be secrets trapped in her dark room?


2. Chapter 2 Where am I? shit! I'm late

Alexa's P.O.V

I wake up and where the fuck am I?

I look down at my iPhone and I see that I'm gonna be late

I quickly run out the door leaving a note with my number for whoever's flat I stayed in.

I remember I have a spare uniform in my locker so I run and I just make the bus.

As soon as I get to school I go to my locker and grab my uniform. I head to the nearest bathroom and I change

You can call me a slut all you want but I'm not one. Yes my kilt is rolled up high but you can't see my ass.

I would say I am one of the prettiest if not THE prettiest girl in school but I guess that's why I'm hated because Wi am "the new girl" and the Queen Bee wants to stay in her thrown which I don't mind I don't like much attention.

I am waking down the halls listening the girls scream and run to hug their best friends which they saw 24 hours ago.

A boy walks by and squeezes my ass I turn around and shout "ass hole" at him and walk away.

I go to my class and I sit at my seat in the back and open my text book.

A few horrible hours at this hell hole go by and it's finally last period

I go to my Photography Club...which I'm all alone in but i don't mind being alone and not having friends. I'm use to it ever since my family died it's just been me.

I go into my dark room to check on my pictures and bloody hell does my head hurt. Must be a hang over from last night...speaking of last night...what happened?

Everyone here has a talent i sing but no one knows it. And I take pictures.

I am almost done and that's when the bloody bell rings...

I look in the mirror to see if anything spilt on me from the dark room and nothing did.

I look at my reflection with my long curly brown hair that goes past my boobs and my green eyes...I like how i look and I have a sweet British accent but I still don't get why I'm hated on...oh well I walk outside and get on my bus to my big empty home like usual.

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