Dark Room

Alexa is in the Photography Club...and she's the only one apparently it's "lame" but she didn't mind the silence. And that's when 5 boys come to her school and join her club does it work out? Will rumours start to fly because of the new boys? Or will there be secrets trapped in her dark room?


1. Chapter 1 I'm In the club

Harry's P.O.V

This is the third club we have been to and I still haven't gotten laid! HAZZA!!!!!! I hear Louis call from behind me. We have been here 20 minutes and the bastard's already drunk. I love him (as a friend) but when he's drunk he can be a loud mouth

Bloody Hell mate i am right here you don't have to scream in my God damn ear!

Ouuu someone's a little cranky here have a beer it'll relax you.

Ugh whatever I take the beer and walk away that's when someone across the room catches my eye.

I walk up to a beautiful brunette with stunning green eyes like mine.

Hey beautiful, I say in a cheeky attitude

Do you have as pretty a name as you do a face?

Haha thanks and as a matter a fact I do. My name is Alexa and what's yours?

Harry. May I buy you a drink. Sure Harry thanks. She says as I grab her hand and walk to the bar area.

I order our drinks and pay soon enough the bar tender gave us our drinks and we sat down.

So little lady. How old are you?

I'm 18 years old and yourself? She asks me with a sweet smile

I am 18 as well.

Who is you're favourite boy band?

I'll tell you on one condition

Sure anything love I reply

Don't judge me, or call them gay, please don't hate on them...it's One Direction...they've saved my life in ways you can't imagine.

How? I ask looking a little worried. She turns her wrists over

I use to cut...she said. They saved me from going to deep. They saved my life and they hear that all the time but they really did save me

I saved you...

Hmmm? She looked up with confused eyes

I'm Harry...Harry Styles...did I really save you?

Yes you did thank you...

She seemed so cheerful

Alexa...Alexa Rose...thought you should know my last name

Well darling I won't judge my own band, say want another drink?

Yes please

A few hours go by and we are completely wasted. Neither of us will remember anything in the morning.

Wanna go somewhere with me Alexa?

Sure she says I grab her hand and we head upstairs to the “Hotel” part of the bar.

We open up the door then lock it behind us and from there I couldn't contain myself

We crash our lips onto each other's and head towards a wall without breaking the kiss. Her hands going threw my thick curls and my hands feeling up her body.

I start kissing down her neck and that's when I heard a moan I could tell I hit a sweet spot. I looked up and her to see her biting her lower lip and I continue sucking on her sweet spot letting out a few moans here and there.

We walk backwards on to the bed and now she was on top

She looked so beautiful. She kisses me slowly while seducing me and let me tell you it was working.

She goes lower down from my jaw to my neck finding my sweet spot

Looks like we have something in common Mr. Styles

Indeed we do Miss. Rose

She continues down.

And I sit her up. Hey baby I don't want you're beautiful top to get all sweaty let me help and I slowly take her top off revealing her bra...wow...I say.

Haha don't even I know they're big and yes they're real she says while blushing

And you're shirt shouldn't get sweaty it's the only one you've got she says spitting my words back at me and she takes my shirt off and puts it on the floor

Her knees go up a bit brushing up against my crutch and I let out a moan while she smirks.

Someone's excited she says

I flip her over so I was on top and I slowly take her shorts off leaving her just in her bra and panties

Then I take my pants off and throw them across the room.

As I go down leaving little wet kisses on her body my phone vibrates

From Louis: Hey mate let's go

To Louis: you really had horrible timing

From Louis: ouuu are you about to get laid?

To Louis: maybe

From Louis: I will give you 5 minutes then both of you come down and meet me at the car

To Louis: fine

I put my phone down and I continue down removing her panties

So sweetheart are you a virgin?

Maybe...she said while blushing

Good I said with a smirk

I continue down and I hear a few moans escape for her mouth

I go up to kiss her while I start to finger her.

Baby are you ready?

Yes she said and I put on a condom and slowly entered.

She grabbed on to the covers letting a few small quiet screams escape

Love am I hurting you?

No it's my first time I'll be ok

I go in deeper and I pick up the pace

After a while of going at it Louis texted me again

From Louis: c'mon mate let's go

To Louis: I fucking hate you right now...you know that

From Louis: ya ya ya now c'mon

Let's go

Ok? She said while we get dressed

As we walk downstairs I kiss her one last time before we get in the car.

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