Misery (+15)

I Hate my life,it's full of drugs,alcohol,abuse,torture,and death.
Why did my parents have to go?
I was so normal back then when they were with me,by my side.
I feel so alone and helpless.
My foster home is full of spoiled brats that i can't handle,i just want to escape.
I feel trapped.
I need someone who will honestly care. . .but my mind reminds me.
~No One Cares Isis~


1. Escape. . .







Isis's POV


The hot boiling water trickled down my nude skin,the feeling of warmth ran through my body.My eyes were sealed and i enjoyed the hot wave smoke.My two palms slightly pressed to the wet walls.Globs of water fell through my damp long hair.It was a shower i had pleaded for after a long day.


My sudden state of calmness was interrupted by a hard knock on the door.


"Hurry up fucktard,i have a party to go to" Haley scolded,she was always so rude,if it wasn't perfect for her,it couldn't be right at all.


"ok im going" i said.


Honestly i was relaxed but like always,it never lasted.




I walked in my room,my fingers clasping the towel wrapped around me whilst the other was free. My feet padded against the carpet to my closet where i ruffled through some clothes until i found some joggers,a black v-neck,and some fluffy boots.


I grabbed the towel bringing it up to my hair,i plucked at the ends with the soft wet fabric.


I was thankful for a roof,clothes,food,a bed,and hygiene. . .but the people in this house were truly demons.


Always bothering me,bullying me,pranking me,blaming me.But the only person i didnt exactly hate was Justin,he was nice to me,because he understood and he wasn't so bitchy,he wasn't bitchy at all actually.


Justin was very handsome though,he always had a nice done quiff in his hair,his brown eyes that shined,i hadn't really touched him before,only when our skin brushed,but his was soft and gentle,he was a bit taller than me and was very muscular.


"isis" i jumped,speaking of creeper.


Justin had been in my room while i was changing? bloody hell!


"J-justin. . .what are y-you doing h-here" my heart raced as he stepped closer,his abs were showing,tanned skin full of tattoo's,his hands stuck into the pockets of his joggers,small black slippers that lay flat to the ground.


"Isis. . .your just so beautiful and i. . .i must tell you something" his bottom lip was caught in between his teeth,soon a lick was added.


Why did he look so serious? his skin had become pale like a paper,his small freckles disappearing into spots.The way his biceps moved up and down quickly.He seemed scared and nervous,but i was speechless.


"can you sit" his statement rather than a question was punched into my lungs,making it harder to breath.


I sat on the bed,he joined in after,we kept a distance.


If it weren't for him,i think i would have already packed and left.


"well. . .first,i know what your planning to do. . .and i suggest you think it over because it's too dangerous out there,you alone,in London?,no Isis,you are only 18 you barely have any experience,you can get lost,or someone could kidnap you. . .maybe it's best if you dont take the risk" He had a point,London was huge for me,and i couldn't possibly know the whole city.But i didnt want to be stuck in the same house for another day.


"justin. . .i know your worried i guess but,you don't understand,not in this case,i don't belong here. . .i feel neglected,this is not my home,your parents hate me and your siblings do to. . .if i stay i will go crazy! Your dad smokes and drinks for gods sake! Your mother whips me when i dont follow her rules,your sister and brother bully me,pick on me,hate me. . .it's just too much,i must go ASAP." Justin could see the hurt in my eyes,they were blurry,red,watery.It was obvious that i couldn't handle the pain any longer. . .i had to gather things,and just leave,escape.


"Ok then let me help you. . .you can trust me in anything" he was eager,for something that was mysterious.Blush fell onto my cheeks as i remembered he had watched as i dressed.


I wasn't panicking,i don't know why,i guess there was really nothing to hide,i wasn't beautiful,at all.


"no Justin. . .you cant,just please leave it to me" i rested my hand on his broad shoulder.


I Guess i had to admit,i had a crush on him ever since i saw him. . .but it was no use anymore.


"stop. . .let me help yo-"

"No!" i snapped.


I appreciated it,but how could he possibly help?. . .there was no space for help.


He looked startled and hurt.My mind was steaming,i could hug him,i wanted to,and i was going to.


"Justin im sorry. . but there is nothing you can do...im sorry" i placed a small kiss on his cheek,before i walked out to the kitchen leaving him speechless.




I had gathered a small amount of food.apples,granola bars,crackers,juice pouches,some chips,and bread.The rest was made for a stove.


I Also had half of my clothes packed,which wasn't much because i didn't have a lot of "nice clothing"


My phone,allowance money,personal hygiene,and lingerie,were all safely packed.


I was ready,luckily no one was awake,not that i knew,Max was probably drunk already so he was probably sleeping his arse off.Haley was at that dumb party of her's and the rest were asleep too.


It was 1:30 am,a sunday midnight,im pretty sure it was all calm in the city,or at least not as quiet.


With a last sigh,i slung the strap of my Nike bag over my shoulder,and walked to the window.

My hands struggled with the buckle,but i was strong enough to pull it open making the window go up high,allowing me to reach the roof.


As i stepped out,summer air hit my face,breeze flowing through my dry hair.I could hear the sound of cars,music,banging,and lights from the house,the city was a beautiful view,the perfect London bridge that went across the ocean to The city,i could see it from far.And i couldn't wait till i got to the other side of England.




I had already walked about 1 hour,and i was close to the bridge,but i came across a dark pathway that always scared me.8 murders had happened here,during the night.


~Hmm what could possibly go wrong right Isis?~


fear struck me,goosebumps appeared under my cardigan,my throat suddenly becoming dry and scratchy.


The strap over my shoulder was tightly fisted,before my fingers reached the small knife closed in my pocket.In this case,it was my only weapon.


Small noises picked at the tree branches,weird animal noises sounded,i felt someone watched me.


the deeper i walked in the darker it'd get.


At one point i couldnt walk anymore,i was panicking,my hair had already stuck to the wet skin of my neck,my eyes felt blurry and weak.I wasn't sleepy.My head ached,my legs felt like worms,my vision wasn't colorful.I felt burning through my body.My tongue had no saliva.


What the hell. . .


My knees fell onto the pavement making a loud smack against my bones,but i couldn't feel it,because i had gone blank.






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