Safe Place

Everyone has a safe place. Where they go to when there Happy,sad, angry. Yours might be in your garden, house, tree anywhere. But it's hard to find a safe place when you share a house with 12 other people. You see I live in a orphanage. My mum died. My dad abused and rapped me. I got sent into care. I went to my safe place. I was about to give up. Until a Irish blond haired boy saved me life. But what happened when I meet him again. Will I get adopted. Will relationships form. What happened when everything goes wrong. Will I find happiness. Will I take my own life. Read safe place to find out!


16. StarBucks-Chapter 14

****3 years later****Jades pov:

"Liam! Lily! We're going now!" I shout up the stairs as two little body's run down the stairs and put there shoes on. "Say goodbye to uncle Ashton and Luke!" I say to the twins they each say goodbye and give then a hug and a kiss on the cheek. "Come on Jade" Luke says opening my door for me. "Thanks" I say as I out the twins in the car as Luke drops us home. After around 10 minutes we arrive at my small house in Ireland Me and Luke get out the car, I grab lily and Luke grabs Liam and the bags and walks to the door. I open my large black door and put Liam and lily down and they run into the house. I look up at Luke. "Thank you" I say giving him a hug. "Are you going to be okay looking after them on your own? I could stay?" Luke says. "No thanks, I'll be good. Thanks for having them today. I needed mummy time" I said and chucked, he gave me a kiss on the cheek and heading of. I walk in side and sigh as I put all the heavy bags down, I see the twins watching sponge bob on tv. "What do you want for dinner kiddos?" I asked as they look at me. "Nuggets!" The both shout. I nod as I walk into the kitchen and start cooking.

I guess I should explain. My dad tock me and beat me up really bad but didn't hurt my baby, one day the neighbours saw and called the police 3 Months later he got arrested and taken away and I was free. I bumped into Ashton and Luke from 5SOS. I already knew them from N.... Yeah. Anyways we got really close, especially me and Luke so now were really close like brother and sister and because I don't have a dad, Luke normally helps out a lot with the twins. Around 2 moths after that I gave birth to 2 beautiful baby's. One girl witch Luke named lily and one boys witch I names Liam after Liam Payne. And 3 years later. Here we are. Your properly wondering...I you were free why didn't you go back to Niall coz u were engaged. No we'll I guess I didn't want to be a stupid girlfriend with a annoying baby. Plus all I did there was bring them problems. They seem perfectly fine without me. Niall's moved on. Forgotten about me. But I miss him. And Liam. And all of them. But now I have the twins and all the 5SOS boys like Luke and Ashton.

"Kiddos! Dinners ready!" I shouted putting the plates down. "Thank you mummy!" The say digging into the dinner as my phone rings. Luke. "Hello?

"Hey Jade!"

"What's up?"

"Nothing. Just wanted to see If you was ok!"

"You say me like 2 hours ago!"

"I know, I'm coming over. Get the blankets and movies"

"Kay byeee lukkeeyyyy" I said while hangin up. "Guys uncle Lukes coming over" "yay" they say still eating. "Mammy?" Liam says in his little Irish accent. They both have blue eyes and brown hair like mine and Niall's. They look so much like him it hurts me when I look at them. "Yeah baby?" I ask. "David said at the playground that everyone had a mummy and daddy. Where our daddy?" Lily says. Right that broke my heart. "Um. Your daddy's not here, he's always busy baby. Daddy doesn't know about you two" I said honestly as the door opened. "Hey babe" Luke says picking Liam up. "Hi" I said a bit down "what's up?" "They asked about there dad..." I said. "Awe. It will be okay" he said smiling having some of my tea "Oi!" I said. As he takes his face out of my tea. Haha. That night we just put the twins to bed and putting a movie on and snuggling up and falling asleep. See it's not awkward racist were very close.

I wake up to find 2 arms around my body like nail use to. "Morning beautiful" Luke says kissing my head "morning" I say putting my head deeper into his bare chest. "Arreg" I groan. Yay cramp. "What's up?" He asked looking down at me. I take my head out from his chest "my tummmyyy hurts" I moan."Come on let's get the twins up and go To work" i nodded and woke the twins up as Luke dressed lily and I did Liam. We soon got ready and was walking to Starbucks, Lily stared moaning so Luke carried her as Liam was holding my hand telling me all about how he wants a dog. We soon arrived at star bucks but as Luke was famous there was load of paps. I picked Liam up making sure he had lily and Luke laced our fingers together so I wouldn't get lost. He went through the paps and walked into star bucks and walked to a table. He put Liam and Lily on the table and stayed with them while I was taking orders. I heard the door bell ring indicating people have walked in. "Mummy" Liam said making me pick him up. "You wanna help mummy take orders?" I asked as he nodded as we started writing what people wanted. It wasn't the best job but it puts food on the table for the twins. I look up to see Lils and Luke playing aw how cute. More people walk in so I go to there table. "But having a puppy will be better" Liam says in my arms walking to a table to take there order while Little Liam was telling me good things Bout getting a puppy. "I know I will think about it" I say getting my pad out. I didn't bother looking up at the people because there properly perverts anyways. They told me there orders as I write them down. "Mammy, I want to go to uncle Luke" Liam says with his tiny Irish accent. I look up finally at him and place him down and watch him run to Luke, Luke looks up at me and smiles but soon fades when he looks behind me. I turn around. Fuck. One direction. "Um anything else?" I ask putting my head down fast. "Nah thanks, you got a cute one by the way" I Irish accent says. Niall. Hearing his voice instantly made a tear fall down my cheek "you okay darlin?" Zayn asks I nod and slowly walk away. I walk to Luke and brake into tears as he puts me into his Chest. "You okay?" He asked backing away. I nod and whip my tears and going back to work. I grabbed Lily because she wanted to come with me and went to get Niall's cake that he wanted. "Mummy I take it" Lily said jumping down and running to Niall. "Here's cake from mummy" Lilly said giving it. "Jade!" I hear Luke shout. I look over and he had Liam with cake all over his face. I burst out laughing. "What did you do to him!" I say cleaning him up. I finish and turn around to see like talking to Harry. I walk over and bump into someone. I look up into Liam's eyes. "Jade!" I shouts picking me up and spinning me around. "Daddy!" I say hugging him. " I knew it was you!" He says kissing my cheek " there beautiful. But if you don't want Niall finding out. They better go. They look like him" he says I nod and walk back to the table. "We gotta go" I whisper in Luke's eat and he nods. "Come on kiddos. Have to go!" I say as Luke grabs both of then and walk out. "By Liam" I whisper in his ear hugging him. "Bye babe. I miss you" he says back. Then Harry walks over to me and hugs me. "Okay??" I say. "I missed you baby. There beautiful you no" he says in my ear. "I missed you more" "no that's Niall" he says winking. I walk out but I hear shoring. I turn around to see Niall running towards me. "What?" I asked. "Your phone. You forgot --Jade" he said "Ni" I say smiling. "Your okay I though you were de--" "don't say it" I. Cut him off. "Come on mummy! We have to go!" Little Liam running to me "goodby--mummy!?" Niall shouts. Luke comes running and I feel our fingers lace together. "I think we should go" he says. "Are you two..." Niall says tearing up. "No!" I say "goodbye Niall" "no" he protested. "What do you want Niall' fuck of!" I shouted. "I lost you one I'm not losing you again!" He shouts back. "I don't need you Niall. You don't need me." I said walking away with Luke next to me with Liam and Lily in his hand. "I need you" I heard someone cry behind me. I turned around to see Niall crying with the other boys trying to confer him. "Take em home" I said to Luke he kissed my cheek and walked home with the twins as I started walking towards them. "I need her! I lost her!" Niall cryed in front of me not looking up realising I was there. "Niall" Harry said smiling as he looke up to see me he smiles. "Jade" he said hugging me. But I didn't hug back. I need time. "Why didn't you come back to us?" Louis said. "I was kinda busy..." I said looking down. "With Luke and your kids" Niall mutterd. "Luke was there when I needed him. He help me look after ou--my kids!" I said but his eye colour changed. "They aren't his?" Niall asked. All the boys face palmed them self. "Your slower then I remember" I said chuckling. "But they have to be his! Brown hair like mine, blue mine!" Niall said slowly realising as the boys started clapping sarcastically witch made me laught. "Like mine...THERE MINE!" He shouted. I thigh the was getting angry so I tock a step back with tears going down my cheeks. "What's wrong?" "I'm sorry, I knew you will get mad and leave" I said crying. "What! You through I wa going to get mad and leav---" he said but stopped looking at my hand. "You...still have it" he said. I looked down. Our promise ring. I slowly nodded. "Wow this is new. A family and a wife!" Niall said. "Wife??" I said raising my eye brow. "Yeah! I'm still going to marry you! I love you" he said going to kiss me but I leaned back. "I need to get home, ou--the twins" I said staring to walk away. "I want to come" Niall blurted out. I looked into his eyes and nodded. He laced our fingers together and walke back to my house. I opened the door to see Luke playing with Lilly. "Where Liam?" I asked he jumped because he didn't realise I was there "he's gone to sleep" he said getting up. "Thanks" I said to him hugging Luke and he went back home. Lilly looked up to see a big man she has never seen so she hide behind my leg. "Lils it's okay, it's da---Niall" I said. He realised what I was going to say and smirked. "Hello kiddo, I'm your daddy!" Niall said going down to her hight "you have funny voice like me!" She said giggerling. "Goodnight mummy, good night daddy!" Lily said went up to bed.

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