Safe Place

Everyone has a safe place. Where they go to when there Happy,sad, angry. Yours might be in your garden, house, tree anywhere. But it's hard to find a safe place when you share a house with 12 other people. You see I live in a orphanage. My mum died. My dad abused and rapped me. I got sent into care. I went to my safe place. I was about to give up. Until a Irish blond haired boy saved me life. But what happened when I meet him again. Will I get adopted. Will relationships form. What happened when everything goes wrong. Will I find happiness. Will I take my own life. Read safe place to find out!


10. drunk Niall-Chapter 10

Jades pov:

it's been 4 weeks and Niall hasn't remembered me still. We haven't even looked eye to eye anymore because it hurts to much to know he's not mine anymore. I wake up in my own bed without Niall anymore. Sometimes I get Liam or Harry because I get so lonely without him. I hear people downstairs so I get up, grab my iPhone 5s and pull my hear into a pony tail with my Liam's old top and leggings. I walk down to hear all the boys singing 'through the dark' but stop when they see me like there hiding something. I shrug it of and walk into the kitchen. "Good morning princess" I hear a Yorkshire accent say behind me wrapping me in a hug from behind putting his chin on my shoulder. "Morning" I say with a tear escaping from my eyes. "What's wrong babe?" He asked me. "That's what he calls--called me." I say to Louis turning around and putting my head in his chest letting my tears out. "He'll come back princess" he says kissing me head and going into the kitchen. I grabbed a apple, tock one small bite and was done. After Niall's accident. My anorexia has relapsed but the boys haven't noticed. I walk into the living room with all the boys in a circle playing truth or dare. "You wanna play?" Zayn asked. I nodded and sat down next to Harry and Liam. I felt Harry's hand on my lower back making shapes. "Harry truth or dare?" "Dare" he said with a cheeky smile still playing with my lower back. "I dare you to kiss someone here" Niall said. He got up and Lou on the lips for longer then I think he should. He sat back down and whispers "it should have been you" in my ear playing with my fingers behind my back. "Jade truth or dare?" Lou asked. "Truth. I don't trust you lot" I said "have you had sex?" He asked. Um. "Erm..." I said going red. "Who?" "I don't think--" "tell us" Niall said giving me a look I can't read. "My d--Yo--Niall" I finally got out. I felt Harry's hands tighten. " lest I did it with some one I use--love" he said smiling. He was going to say use to wasn't he. So he doesn't love me? I was upset and went into the Kitchen. "Every time. You get undressed. I hear symphonies in my head" I sang to my self. "Jade" I turned around. "I missed you" Niall said crashing his lips onto mine like we use to. It turned into a steamy make out session when he lifted me up onto the counter so he was between my legs holding my waist with my hands tangled in his hair. He let out a moan when I pulled it when we got rougher. "Time to make it back to you" he said holding my bum still wrapped around him as we didn't lose connection up the stairs he pushes the door open with his foot and crashed me on the bed taking his pants on jumping back onto me."your mine. Don't let anyone touch you" he said I between kisses on my neck sucking sometime. "N-Niall" I moaned as he sucked on my sweet stop. He laughed. He started grinding on me with my clothes still ok making me feel his boner in his pants. "Do you want me?" He asked sucking me chest. "N-niall" I moaned as he entered me.

Liam's pov:

Me and the boys were down stairs watching tv. We don't know where Niall and Jade went. Maybe there talking. "Say my n-name"I heard someone moan loudly . I looked at the rest of the boys And we all looked at each other "N-Niall!!" We heard from upstairs loudly. "Faster!" We heard a man shout this time. We tyres not to laught. "You think he remembers?" I asked they all nod and burst out laughing.

Jades pov:

Me and Niall are laying in bed closely still naked with our body's intertwined with each other. I look down. "Niall did you use a..." I asked concerned. "Shit. No!" He said looking at me with his arms around me. "It's okay I tock a pill". No I didn't. Fuck I thought. He shrugged and went back into each others arms.

I wake up the next day and instantly want to puke I do and come back into my room. I look at the date. 10th December. Happy birthday to me. Sh I don't want to tell the boys. I walk down stairs "you look like crap" Harry said hugging me and kissing my cheek leaving tingles. Wait what. Oh god. "We'll hi to you to" I said in his ear. " so what we doing today?" I asked hopefully.

*7 hours later*

We didn't really do anything today. They didn't remember my bday. Oh we'll "guy I'm bored. Can we go to a club?" Zayn asked all the boys nodded "nah thanks I'll stay" I said smiling. They nodded "but babbbbeee" Niall moaned. "I feel I'll. I'll be fine. Have fun" he smiles and kissed my check as all the boys went to get ready. They finish and Niall came up to me. "You love sexy" I whispers in his ear. "And I'm all yours" he said kissing my sweet spot letting on a moan as I felt him smile. "I love you" I said to him. "I love you to. Do you trust me" he asked I nodded. "I trust you. But not the drunk girls". "Trust me. Love you" he said sucking my neck. "Goodbye" he said kissing my lips and going to the car. Looks like I'm spending my birthday alone. "Don't worry. I'm not drinking. See ya later. I'll make sure he's not to drunk for your fun later" Harry said winking and kissing cheek. "Mhm" I said. Then they left. I sat down, grabbed some ice cream and blankets watching finding nemo. Yay. Onece it was finished I went to the kitchen and grabbed a cupcake and candle and light it. "Happy birthday to me. Happy birthday to me. Happy birthday dear jade. Happy birthday to me" I sang then blow out the candle and making a wish. I sat back down and watched a nothe movie until I was interrupted but 4 screaming drunk boys. Lou,Li,Zayn went straight up stairs while Niall came to me. I got up and he pushed me Agaist a wall kissing my neck hard a right. He started feeling me and pulling my leggings down. "Niall no. Your drunk" I said tryin to push him off. "No I'm not" he said picking me up and forcing me to put my legs around him and he walked into my bed room making me go on the bed. "Niall" I said. "Fuck me hard" he said in my ear. "Niall no your drunk" I said pushing him but he ignored it pulling my top of and regretting my decision to wear a bra that hocks on the front. "Ah so sexy" he said unhooking it. "No Niall" I said pushing him. He unhooked it and Started playing with my boobs. He kissed me forcefully and trying to stick his tongue in my mouth. "Kiss back fucking slut it's your job" he said rudely. I kissed back as he went deeper and started biting my lips wanting more. He pulled my leggings off "no Niall stop" I said stopping him from entering me. But it didn't work. He enterd me thrusting hard. "No Niall it hurts stop" I cryed. "Fuck me harder" he shouted grabbing my bare bum making me thrust into him. "AHHHH!" I cryed in pain. He kissed me harder and throated harder. I didn't know him anymore. It hurt so much. He rolled us over so I was on top and he moaned. He tock his length out and forces it in my moth pumping It. "Faster" he moaned. "No!" I said takin it out. He rolled over again so he was straddled me and enterd me thrusting faster and harder. He keep getting my sweet stop and I couldn't help but moan. "See I told you you would like it" he said. "Niall stop it hurts." I cryed. "I'm going to cu---" he said as his liquid filled me. Wait...he's not using a...on my god. I cryed harder. He tock it out and stated kissing all over my body. He stopes lower and put his fingers inside me hitting my sweet stop making me explode"Niall stop your hurting me" i moaned and cryed. "Shut up slut. It's your job" he said coldly. I finally pushed him if me. But I didn't believe what he did next. He smacked me check and stormed out slamming to door. I layed on my bed naked crying my eyes out. That wasn't Niall. I heard someone come in but I didn't care. They wrapped there arms around my naked body. "What did he do?" He asked instantly knowing who. Harry and he wasn't drunk. "He forced me Harry." I said looking up at him. He saw my cheek that was red. "Who did this" he said tightening hid grip on me. "N-N" I said but stopped. "I'm going to kill him. Are u hurt?" "No but he hurt me forcing me to-" he nodded understanding. "Your so beautiful" he said. "What crying my eyes out naked on a bed after being basically raped again?" I asked. "No" he said kissin me on the lips again making me tingle. "Harry...he didn't use a..." I stopped. This made Harry even more angry. "I'm going to eat the shit out of him hurt my princess" he said hugging me. "Come on go to sleep." He said. I nodded as he got up. "No Harry please." He turned around confused "stay...he might come again and--" I stared but stopped as he tock his top of and got in bed giving me one of his as I'm naked. "Thanks" I said putting my head in his bare chest. "No prob princess" he said wrapping me in his arms and kissing me head.

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