Safe Place

Everyone has a safe place. Where they go to when there Happy,sad, angry. Yours might be in your garden, house, tree anywhere. But it's hard to find a safe place when you share a house with 12 other people. You see I live in a orphanage. My mum died. My dad abused and rapped me. I got sent into care. I went to my safe place. I was about to give up. Until a Irish blond haired boy saved me life. But what happened when I meet him again. Will I get adopted. Will relationships form. What happened when everything goes wrong. Will I find happiness. Will I take my own life. Read safe place to find out!


9. coma-Chapter 9

Niall's pov:

Today was special. I'm going to make the most romantic date ever for Jade. Oh sit. I need to buy food! Nandos😏. "How would you like to go the most romantic date ever with the best person ever?" I asked between sucking her neck leaving love bits to show she's mine. "Me and Zayn our going on a date!?" She said joking I pouted. "I would love to Niall." She said smiling she got of my lap and went down stairs. I get up and down down and grab my keys. " I'm going to get some things for our date" I said wrapping my arms around Jade from behind. She nods and turns around and kissed my lips for about 10 secs. I back away and smile and get in the car. I start the car and drive of. I see bright yellow lights. I frantically Try and turn the car around. Everything went black.*********

Harry's pov:

*bring bring* I hear my phone go of. I grab it and pick up fast then sit back down.

"Hello, this is Mary from the hospital"


"Are you Mr Styles?"


"Your friend. Niall Horan. Was involved in drink driver and he's not in the best condition" she says. I drop my phone and freeze. "I-I-I-" I stutter. "Harry's what's going on?" Jade asked. "N-n-Niall" I finally get out. *******

Niall's pov:

"Jade shhh babe it's okay. He will wake up soon" I hear a deep voice say. "It's been 1 month." I hear a beautiful voice say. Wow. I slowly open my eyes letting them a just to the bright lights. I see Harry on a chair across from me. I see someone on his lap crying her eyes out on his chest. "H-Harry" I stutter getting my voice back. He looks up fast. "Niall!" He shots running and hugging me. "I missed you mate!" He says in my ear. " im gonna get the boys" I nod. The girls freezes staring at me until she runs over and sits on the chair. She can't stop crying. He hand touched mine. "Ah!" I shout moving my hand away from the sparks when she touches me. She looks confused. She grabbeds my hand again with sparks hitting me harder. I don't know her but she's special. "Niall...I'm sorry! I missed you" she said crying we eyes out. "Don't cry...erm...who are you?" She stops and freezes. Staring at my coldly. "W-w" she says but stops when the boys rush in "boys! I scream taking my hand out of hers. Each run over and hug me. "Alright mate?" From Zayn. After Lou hugs me"I missed u nialler" last Liam comes to me "u right mate?" I nods "who's she?" I whisper in his ear. He backs away. Staring though me with cold eyes giving me a death glare. He goes back in line with the boys. He whispers something in there ears and they look coldly to me. What? "Hey guys--oh um...yeah" the doctor says. "Niall you have lost 1 year memorie..." He says and leaves us."N-Nia--" the girl says but can't because she starts crying. Liam rushed over to her "shah babe it's okay he'll remember" he said kissing her head. I start to feel jelouse. "You never told me you have a girlfriend!" I say to Liam. There faces all change. "Niall...she's your girl friend...." He says coldly. "Hey guys, Niall your free to go. Guys you may want to show this photos or whatever to try and get his memories back" a really nice nurse told us and then smiles and went out. I looked at Jade I think her name is her eyes were red from none stop crying. "How did I get there?" I asked. They all looked at Jade " went to get something's for our--erm our date. But a drunk driver crashed into you. You have been in a coma for like a month" she said braking down in to Liam's chest. I unhooked talked from all the machines and got my things. I nodded. And we walked out. Harry grabbed Jades hand and walked with her. Jealously hit me hard. I cleared my thought and Harry let go. I walked up to Harry and whispers in his ear. "I don't know her. But back of. She's mine" I didn't trust him. I trust all the others with her. Not Harry. He seems like they have a past or he's tyres something already. he nodded and walked with Zayn. I looked at Jade and and she looked at the ground and wiped her eyes. She looked up again. I slowed down so I was next to her. I intertwined our fingers giving me a harsh spark making be bite my lip so I don't scream. "I'm sorry..." I said into her ear. "It's okay. You don't know me." She said coldly and let go of my hand. *skipping car ride*

We got home and I sat on the sofa while Jade went up stairs. "Why is she here?" I asked. Sounding more harsh then I thought. That all looked at me shocked. "1. She's your girlfriend. 2. She's our sister. 3. I adopted her. 4. She lives here too Niall!" Liam shouted walking up stairs.

Liam's pov:

Wow I'm pissed. He's mean. Is girlfriend he's suppose to love. He ignores. I walked into Niall's room. That's strange. Jades not there. I walk to her room and find her in a ball crying in Niall's jumper. "Oh baby girl" I said running to her. She instantly crashed into me breaking down. " I should go" she said softly."no. Why?" I asked "there's no point. Niall doesn't love me or remember me. I'm just a burden to you know" she said. "No your not. Your mine. I adopted you and it was the best thing I've done." I said kissing her head. She nods. We get up, I go down stairs as Niall passes us into the music room. I stop and push jade on the direction and smile. I go downstairs back to the boys.

Jades pov:

It's 10 pm and I still haven't talked to Niall. I walk into the music room. The only place Ivan let everything out. I see his untouched guitar and a book near it. I read the front. 'When everything goes wrong-Niall James Horan' I open the first page. I know I shouldn't but he don't remember anyways. "If this room was burning. I wouldn't even notice. Coz u been taking up my mind. With your. Little white lies" I sing. I turn the page to a nother song. " I'm sorry if I say I need ya. But I don't care I'm not scared of love. Coz when I'm not with ya I'm weaker is that so wrong" I sing louder. I turn to a nother one. But this one catches my eye. "I wish that I could take you to the start. I'd never--" I start singing but get interrupted but someone eels "never let you fall and brake your heart...."Niall sings to me. "You remember?" I asked. He nods. "Me?" He shakes his head 'no' I look sad. "But...I want to. Help me" he says sanding me up. "Kiss me" he says. Without hesitation I crash my lips onto his. I missed this. Our lips moving in sync. He backs away after 30 secs. "Now?" I asked. He shakes his head. "But it was still good " he said smiling again. "How did we meet?" He asked. Shit. "Erm you wanna know the truth or what I tell people ?" I asked. Yay going though this again like I didn't with Liam. "Both" he says. "I say that I was crossing the road and a car was coming so u saved me" he look at me funny. "The real version?" "I was bullied in school at at 'home AKA the orphanage. One day I gave up. I was done. I went to my safe place and got ready. I stod on a log seconds before I was going to jump I heard screaming-you- I ignored you. But you came faster and louder. I still ignored you and was so close to jumping until you saved me and in ties me. I ran away. 2 weeks later I got adopted but Liam and I lived with you and we started going out and--" I said but stop. He nodded and laced our fingers together like he use to do. "Erm I'm gonna go to bed. Goodnight I'll be in my--" I said but he stopped me. "Wait we don't share rooms?" He asked. "We do but I didn't think you wanted to share a small bed with a compleat stranger" I said coldly. "No. Stay. With me? Please?" He said. I nodded and he went into his bathroom as I got dressed in his bed room. I striped and forgot my top so I grabbed one of Niall's until "Ah! I'm sorry" I heard a Irish voice say. I looked behind me with Niall's back to me. "Oh...hang on" I said putting his top on me. " better" I said. We both just stared at the bed. Awkward. He went to it and got in. He patted the side for me. "You don't have to you will be awkward you don't know me..." "No it's good " he said. I nodded and got in. Keeping a distance away from him. But he soon grabbed me and pulled me so our body's were touching. I let a tear run down my cheek and put my head into Niall's bare chest. I miss him. My him. I miss us. I thought but soon went into a deep sleep with the love of my whole life the Don't remember any of it. Yay. Note the sarcasm.

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