The Girl From New York

It started with a simple "Hello" and never even ended with a "Goodbye."

Walking down the street with my head down. I never loved the fact that I couldn't show my face in public. That so I am one of the girlfriends of One Direction. Did he even love me? Was he pretending to love me? No get these thought out of you're head! But I can't help but wonder...


4. ~Chapter Two~

Stormy's POV

So you might know who the famous band One Direction is right? Well at first I had no clue who they were. Yes, I know shocking oh my gosh kill me! (NOTE THE SARCASM!) So anyways NOW I will start my story!

It all started...

I was walking down the street with a hoodie over my head, black leather skinny jeans and Nike Jordan's. I was born and raised in the worst part of New York you could imagine. No, I did not do drugs and drink 24/7. Ew, I went to a special Fine Arts School instead of high school. Thank goodness! There was just too much freaking twats in my grade. The wind picked up and blew me off balance my long dirty blond hair flew across my face as just in that moment. BAM! I hit a freaking trash can. I pick myself back up and start making my way back to school. Morning luckily were my no-class time. I know lucky eh? My bag slung across my shoulder starts to seem to be getting heavier and heavier. I finally make my way through the school and get to the dance room. I go to the changing room and put on a leotard, tights, and jazz shoes. I wrap my hair up in a ballerina bun and shove all the crap into my duffle bag. Going to the hooks to hang my bag my boyfriend Christopher comes up to hug me. He has a special degree here in theatre. "Hey, babe!" He kisses my nose after.

Wait! Pause! Hold on a second! Are you thinkin' what I think you're thinkin! You better not! He was not an abusive boyfriend! He didn't do drugs! He didn't do any of the crap you think he probably did! You've read to many other freakin love stories if you thought that! He was my FIRST love and sorry if this tears you apart but he still has a piece of my heart. Back to the story!

"Hey babe! What are you doing here! You don't have classes 'till 2:00!" I questioned him. Hey! Don't judge! "I wanted to surprise you! And watch you practice before I have to go." I smiled "You truly are the BEST boyfriend in the world." He smiled at me. Gosh his smile could make the sun melt. If thats even possible. I pecked his lips and went to the dance floor. "Okay Stormy go warm up in the corner and then make your way back over here." Madam Ursella (er-sell-a) I nod and go in the corner as told. I go into first position and then squat to stretch my inner thighs. I then do all the splits and stretch my arms. Running back over there I catch a glimpse from Christopher. Gosh he makes me blush! "Yes! Yes! Now we may start!"

Well I'll tell the rest of that day to you guys later. I'm getting tired! But remember to stay cheesy, cheeky, and classy! <3

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