The Girl From New York

It started with a simple "Hello" and never even ended with a "Goodbye."

Walking down the street with my head down. I never loved the fact that I couldn't show my face in public. That so I am one of the girlfriends of One Direction. Did he even love me? Was he pretending to love me? No get these thought out of you're head! But I can't help but wonder...


14. ~Chapter Nine~

Stormys POV

"Oh, um, yeah!" Liam fumbled, but they were all still staring at me. I looked up from my yummy Almond Joy's and smirked saying "Take a picture it'll last longer." Thats when they quickly all looked away... Well except Zayn... He kept staring at me... "Well, where is the kitchen? I need to throw my trash away." I asked, Louis jumped right up. "I'LL SHOW HER!" He yelled. He fucking burst out my ear drums. "DON'T HAVE TO YELL!" I screamed back. I followed him into their kitchen and as I turned around a piece of ice slipped down my bra. "EEKKK!!!" I screamed like a five year old. I stepped back and.. FLOOP! I fell into the trashcan... My legs were up in the air along with my arms. "Mates! Hurry! I need help!" Louis yelled. Niall came sprinting in here and as soon as he saw me he looked at Louis. "Really?!" He yelled. "Well, sorry I didn't think that would happen!" They kept babbling back and fourths. "Excuse me, but... IM STILL STUCK IN A TRASH CAN IF YOU GUYS HAVEN'T NOTICED!" I yelled and wiggled to prove my point. "Oh yeah.."They said in unison. As soon as I got slipped out of that damn thing, I got a handful of ice and chunked it at Louis. "That's what you get!" I exclaimed.

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