The Girl From New York

It started with a simple "Hello" and never even ended with a "Goodbye."

Walking down the street with my head down. I never loved the fact that I couldn't show my face in public. That so I am one of the girlfriends of One Direction. Did he even love me? Was he pretending to love me? No get these thought out of you're head! But I can't help but wonder...


8. ~Chapter Five~

Stormy's POV

Well hello! So... I hope you know this isn't like all the other stories! I have two happily married parents, they don't do drugs, they don't abuse, or they don't hate me! Okay they drink, but only a little! Now let's get to the story.


I'm running as far as I can. The love of my life just broke up with me. For a gig in Las Angeles. He didn't even want to try to make it work. I run into a dark ally. Nobody's here. Good. Getting angry I charge to a big dumpster and kick it making it roll across the ally. I scream ripping off the posters of the wall. Tears are running down my face. Smearing make mascara.

"Are you alright love?"

-Beep Beep Beep-

I jump awake realizing its a dream. Good. I walk out of bed and go to the bathroom. "Brush, brush, brush, your teeth 'till there sparkling clean! Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, you gotta keep then clean." I sing as I brush my teeth. I know... I'm a dork. I straighten my wavy dirty blond hair and walk downstairs still in my pj's. "Morning mom. Morning dad." I mumbled walking downstairs. "Morning sweetie." My dad says. "Are we out of milk?"

"Um... I don't know, will you check honey?"

I opened the fridge and looked. Leftovers, leftover, leftovers, fruit, MILK!

"Okay! We do." This is how it usually is in my house. Not much talk. Grabbing the cereal, milk, and a bowl I think... What if my dream meant something? No, it's just a dream Stormy! But, it can mean something. When I finish I walk upstairs and get dressed for class. I wore a black off the shoulder and baggy pants with high tops. Today was my hip-hop class. "That what makes you beautiful.." I start to hum that song. The band was called um... What was it? Oh! Yes! One Direction! They just came out of... X-Factor? I think so. I'm not a so called big fan of them but, I LIKE that song. Note I said like. It's no Rihanna Single Ladies but... It's still good! I mean seriously these other artists have been around a lot longer and now the world of music. They... They're like... Rookies! Yeah, rookies! I think all this while brushing my teeth and hair. "What time is it?" I look at mu phone which is on the charger. Holy shit! It's 11:30! My class starts in 30 minutes! I grab my dance bag and phone. Rushing downstairs, I trip and fall on the last step. "Oh my gosh! Sweetie are you okay?!" My mom starts to panic and rushes over to me. Everything is spinning. Why are are there 3 moms? "I'm okay." I mumble as I attempt to get up. Note I said attempt. Falling back down I hit my head again. All of a sudden everything turned pitch black.

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