The Girl From New York

It started with a simple "Hello" and never even ended with a "Goodbye."

Walking down the street with my head down. I never loved the fact that I couldn't show my face in public. That so I am one of the girlfriends of One Direction. Did he even love me? Was he pretending to love me? No get these thought out of you're head! But I can't help but wonder...


12. ~Chapter Eight~

Stormy's POV

I ran home. Then I juat suddenly stopped. Why am I crying over a boy? I am better than that! Get yourself together! Wiping my tears, I go to the nearest public bathroom. I find a convenient store and walk swiftly to the bathroom. I look into the mirror and my mascara is smeared down my cheeks. "Ugh, the poor boy saw me like this. Probably glad I left." I whispered to myself. I cleaned myself up and walked out of the bathroom. Come on Stormy smile and look happy! I started to smile and skipped into the candy section. Hm... Snickers, Twix, Starbursts, Kit-Kats... ALMOND JOY! I grabbed the whole tray of Almond Joy and went to the drinks. Then I looked at what they have. Hm... I want a Dr. Pepper. I opened the fridge thing and walked to check out. "Hello ma'am how are you this evening?" The clerk asked. "Well fine I guess, could be better, how are you?" I smiled. He looked up "Fine! Thank you for asking!" "That will be $17.46 ma'am." I reached in my pocket and grabbed my last $20. "Here you go." "Your change is $2.54" "Thank you." I grabbed my items and left $2 in the tip jar. Now for some reason I'm in a generous mood. Maybe I should apologize to that boy who tried to help me. I reached back in my pocket and grabbed my iPhone that I won in a contest. *beep bop beep beep beep* I typed in the number. Then the phone starts ringing. About 3 rings the phone answers.

H-Harry S-Stormy

H- "Hello?"

S- "Hello this is the girl from earlier..."

H-"Oh okay well how are you love? Are you okay?"

S-" I'm doing fine! But I need to apologize in person to you and your friends."

H-"Yeah! Sure just meet us in that ally!"

S-"Uhm.. Okay! Bye!"

H-"Bye love."

-End of Conversation-

I didn't say this earlier, but I didn't have a crush on the boy. Though I locked eyes for a second with one of the boys standing. That's another reason I wanted to see them. I walked to the ally and looked around. Damn... I did a LOT of damage... "Hello?" I jumped up and screamed. "SHIT!" And then I turned around it was the boy. "Well hello!" I eye balled him "Don't scare me!" He died laughing. "Sorry love, come on my apartment is up here. I followed him still having my bag full of Almond Joys and my Dr. Pepper. We went up an elevator and into a room. "I'm back boys!" I looked at the boys and locked eyes with the brown eyes boy. I shook my head and looked back up. "Hello, my name is Stormy!" I set my bags down and shook hands with all of them. "Hello Stormy! I'm Harry!" Said the boy who helped me. "I'm Liam." Said the boy with straightened hair. I can tell. "I'm Niall" said the boy with blond hair and blue eyes. "Louis! Pleasure to meet you!" He then jumped off the couch he was on and gave me a bear hug. He had wind blown hair and blue eyes. He finally let go and sat back down. *pant pant* "A little too tight of a hug." He fake frowned and pretended to cry which made me burst into laughter at how childish he was. "And I'm Zayn." The boy with the brown eyes and black hair said I smiled and locked eyes with him again. I looked away again. I just got hurt. Never again is a boy getting that fast into my heart again. "Well nice to meet you all but I have an apology to say." I start off "sorry for my rude behavior my boyfriend that I've been with for what seems like forever just broke up with me! So I was kind of in a... Mood..." All their faces dropped. "It's okay though I got me Dr. Pepper and Almond Joys to fix everything!" I sat on the floor and brought my bag to me. "Oh love! It's all good! Were sorry about your break-up! Don't sit on the floor sit on the sofa!" Said uhm... Liam? "Nah, I'm fine I'm a big girl and big girls don't cry over silly things like that." They all looked at me astonished. I started eating my first Almond Joy. I bought like 10 of them. "So you all just gonna sit there and stare at me or are you guys going to talk to me?"

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