The Girl From New York

It started with a simple "Hello" and never even ended with a "Goodbye."

Walking down the street with my head down. I never loved the fact that I couldn't show my face in public. That so I am one of the girlfriends of One Direction. Did he even love me? Was he pretending to love me? No get these thought out of you're head! But I can't help but wonder...


13. ~Authors Note~

Hey! It's the Destorino! I don't make many of these notes but I need mo comments! No ghost readers! Haha... So comment what you think bout the story! Please? For somebody who works hard on these chapters? PLEEEAAASSSEEEEE!!!!!! Also I'm gonna have this thing for now on... Every time a publish a chapter I need 2 comments... :-) Love ya my mini mofos!!!!!

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