All I see is a demon hidden in the darkness, maybe I can be that light to brighten that demons world that demons world. We're both completely different, however opposites do attract so we couldn't be more right for each other.


3. Evil Eyes

A/N: Hiya guys :) I pre ordered Midnight Memories! :) I'm sorry if I'm mocking. To those of you who haven't heard any of it yet you're going to be loving it, I have to say my favorite song is either Little White Lies, Alive, Does He Know?, or Little Black Dress, I was doing my HW just now while listening to Little Black Dress and my dad gave me the 'Are You On Drugs?' Look haha. Now heres the chapter!


Aria's P.O.V

"Hello" he says, a smirk tugging at the corners of his soft looking pink lips. He must've sensed my fear and nervousness.

"G-go away..." I chock out, not letting my eyes stray away from his. They were so deep and...beautiful. Just in that moment her starts taking steps toward me. I tried so very hard to keep my distance, but no matter how hard I tried he ended up pinning me to the wall not leaving the slightest gap between us. "Leave me the hell alone" I hiss at him angrily.

"Shh, calm down, love" he whispers tracing small tiny shapes on the soft skin of my arm but then started making his hand trail down and grab my hips, I feel a chill go straight through me. "Now, Aria-"

"How the hell do you know my name?" I question with a sharp glare.

"I know a lot about the girls I take, feed from, screw with, and kill" he whispers into my ear with that same stupid smirk. I feel myself trembling in his grip, and in one swift move I shove him into the mirror and run. I run to the door and bolt into the forest.

Just as I start hearing the sirens and horns honking I officially think I have hope, but that's when I knew I just screwed up and jinxed everything. A hand clamped down over my mouth and I got yanked behind a huge tree. Struggling to get free was obviously not my best plan.

"Let me go!" I scream.

"You're mine and I swear to god if you ever even think to escape things will not end well for you.

"LET ME GO!" I scream even louder, fighting in his grip.

"Aria, I am serious about this, shut up, I will kill you" he whispers lowly into my ear.

"NO! LET ME GO YOU  STUPID SON OF A BITCH!" I scream stomping on his foot and sprinting away but again I'm caught in his embrace and then I feel his fist collide with the side of my head making me fall to the ground unconscious. The very last thing I look up to see is his piercing green evil eyes.                       



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