All I see is a demon hidden in the darkness, maybe I can be that light to brighten that demons world that demons world. We're both completely different, however opposites do attract so we couldn't be more right for each other.


4. Cry

Aria's P.O.V


Once I finally wake up for the second time I glance outside and see the sun setting in the distance. A weak, pained groan leaves my mouth and my head starts pounding. Soon an icy cool wet towel is dabbed lightly on my forehead. It soothed the pain.

"N-No" I say quietly thinking its the monster trying to help me. I didn't want his help, he's the one who will hurt me.

"Shh... you need to relax, you're hurt". It's not him. This voice is different, it's not the deep husky voice I've been hearing all day and I am feeling very thankful for that.

"Wha-What did he do to me?" I whisper. I feel like going insane right now, I wanna start screaming, crying, everything.

"It's okay, shh... you just have a small concussion, you'll be okay, Aria" the voice says, I've heard it before. In the forest last night. Irish. I open my eyes and I meet his gaze. He had beautiful, sparkling blue eyes and blonde hair (Though I can tell it's not his natural hair color). "Hey" he says softly not looking away from my eyes.

"Hi" I whisper sitting up on my elbows. The room started spinning so I lay back down squeezing my eyes shut.

"Don't cry, please don't cry" he says. My eyes snap open and then I knew I was crying, my vision blurred from the new forming tears that stung my eyes. "Aria, please don't cry" he whispers.

"Why not!?!" I say looking at him starting to whimper. "Why the hell can't I cry? I think I have the right to cry right now!" I exclaim sitting up and swinging my legs off the side of the bed. "I deserve to cry, I'm pretty god damn positive I can, I'm... I've been dragged away from my home, I basically was drained of my blood-"

"Actually you weren't drained of you're blood" he says. I give him a death glare and if looks could kill he'd be so friggen dead right now.

"I still got my blood taken! I feel half alive!" I scream. "I've been put out cold twice! and now I can't... I just...!" I couldn't finish I just then burst into tears. I fell to my knees and sobbed into my hands. I feel a brush of air burst into the room and I'm wrapped tightly into someone's arms.

"What did you do to her, Niall?" the voice growls. Great it's the monster who is basically holding me hostage.

"Nothing..." Niall says.

"Niall" the monster hisses.

"I did nothing, she's just getting very emotional, she doesn't like it here, Harry" Niall tries telling him. Harry. That's his name. I look up into Harry's eyes and sniffle a bit. He looks back down at me, his eyes holding a new feeling. Concern. He saw me notice the feeling in his eyes, he immediately phased from being concerned to being a total jackass again. A smirk formed on his lips and then he spoke lowly into my ear.

"Well that's just to damn bad". I glare right at him then shove him away from me and just continue glaring.

"Fuck off" I snap and with that Niall and Harry left, knowing I didn't want them here and never will.

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