My Guardian Angel

Everyone is against me, I've known that for a while now. But maybe, just maybe, there could be someone looking over me. My guardian angel.


1. Chapter 1

I breathe out slowly as more and more strangers walk past me, trying to hard not to see me. I grip the can and shake it, my eyes pleading with the strangers to give me any spare change they have. It's no use though, I'm nothing to them. They look at me like I'm dirt and strut pass, their faces contorted in disgust. Don't think I don't see the way parents pull their children away or how people quickly turn their heads. I know where I belong in the social status. I look down into my can and sigh. There are a few coins rattling at the bottom,  perhaps enough for a small cup of coffee but not much else. I slam the tin on the ground in frustration and bring my knees to my chest, staring silently at the ground, sobbing without tears. I don't understand how I got here. Im 16 years old, I should be in Year 11 at school. Laughing with my friends and going home every night to a family. Instead here I am, my fingers numb and my stomach empty. It's been months since I've slept on an actual bed. When I thought that running away would be the start of a whole new great life for me...


I grab my desk chair and haul it under the door knob. I put all my weight against the door, squeeze my eyes shut and pray. There it is. The thundering of his boots as he makes it up the stair. My whole body tenses as I wait for the inevitable; I can feel my heart pounding. Suddenly, I'm almost thrown forward from the force of him charging at the door. I can't help but let a scream escape.

"You let me in right now you ungrateful little brat!" I could smell the alcohol on his breath from the other side of the door. He must of had a fight with one of his friends. He would usually come home to take his anger out on something and most of the time it was me. I couldn't take it anymore. I'd been beaten and bullied and I couldn't take it. I knew resisting him would make him more furious but the the thought of going through it again terrified me.

"Leave me alone!" I screamed desperately as he threw himself against the door again and again. He roared one last time and with one huge push I was sent flying forwards. I whacked my head against the side of my bed and only remember seeing his giant figure step into my room as everything went black.

It was only a small thud that made me lift my head from my knees. I looked around but couldn't see anything strange. Realising it was nothing I lifted myself to my feet. I knew Jason wasn't going to be happy with the money I'd collected but it seemed I had no choice. I grabbed my tin and gasped. Inside was a wad of £20 notes. Counting slowly and in disbelief I realise that the small thud must of been someone dropping a total of £200 in my tin. £200. I'm speechless as I dart my eyes around trying to see who this mystery person was. There's no sign of anyone it could be. I lift one of the notes to the sky. It's real but why would someone do this? Why me? This is a big city, do they do this to every homeless person they see on the street? Without a seconds hesitation I stuff the notes in my jacket and run back to what you might call my home now, my head dizzy with excitement. I have my own guardian angel. 

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