Holmes Chapel

17 year old Anna is moving with her parents to Holmes Chapel. Will she meet someone there?.Will they be friends or more than friends? Find out in Holmes Chapel.


2. The Boy

Anna's POV

Breakfast! My mom yelled. I looked at my phone it was 6:30. Today was my first day at my new school. Wish I could just stay at home I said. I got out of bed their were so many boxes I still need to unpack! I was already clean so I didn't have to shower. I picked out an outfit.

Owl sweater


Brown boots

Then I curled my hair. Then pinned it back. Then I went downstairs to breakfast. My mom fixed me chocolate chip pancakes. After I finished my breakfast I grabbed my bag and headed out the door.

At School:

I went to the office. I got my class schedule. Then I accidentally bumped into someone.

I am so sorry! I said. It's fine! He said in a Beautiful British accent. I looked and starred into his green eyes.

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