Holmes Chapel

17 year old Anna is moving with her parents to Holmes Chapel. Will she meet someone there?.Will they be friends or more than friends? Find out in Holmes Chapel.


5. Lunch

I went to my Locker to put away my books and to get my lunch bag. I went to the cafeteria and I saw Harry and the Boys. Harry turned to look at me. C'mon He said. I walked over to the boys table. Hey they all said. Except Niall he was just stuffing his mouth full. Me and the boys just talked what seemed like for days. I couldn't help Harry who was just starring at me. I couldn't help but just smile. In my mind I thought I have a crush on Harry Styles! The bell rung. Time for music class with Harry. I was so excited but nervous. * walk in to music class* Hello u must be Anna. Yes I am. Welcome to Holmes Chapel. I am Mrs. Jackson. Please take a seat next to Mr. Styles. Harry and Me just smiled at each other. He had that adorable cheeky grin on his face. *Bell Rings* Before everyone goes I would like you to get with a partner and to preform a song together. Anna Harry says, would u like to be my partner? I nodded my head, yes I would love to. Class is dismissed Mrs. Jackson said.

Anna's POV

So Anna want to come over to my house so we can pick out a song and practice? Harry said. Sure I said. *We go to Harry's car*. When we get to Harry's house it is huge. When we get to the door Harry opens it for me. Hi I am Anne. Hi I am Anna

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