Lost in the woods

Two young Girls Charlotte and Dana, And two young Boys Niall and Louis...
They decide to go Camping in the woodlands of stourport... But they don't know what is lurking inside the woods, Until One day...BANG


20. The Question...

"Me and Louis have been thinking...."

"Were 22,We are in a really good relationship and I think we should take it futher so will yo...."


Charlotte Raced Dana too the loo...

Charlotte held danas hair as she was sick in the sink, Charlotte Was heaving at the smell..

Meanwhile the boys..

"Oh god Niall look what we have done!"

"I kno I feel real bad"

"I don't even kno what we sed wrong!"


Charlotte cleared Dana up and they went back into the meal room...

"Niall, Louis im so sorry I couldn't help it,"

"Right Im speaking on the Behalf of Charlotte two...I think its too early too get Married...that's right I said it..."

Niall and Louis started to laugh!
"What is so funny?"

"We wasn't going to ask you to marry us!!"

Oh god Charlotte and Dana were so embarrassed!

"Ohh... Well what was u Gonna ask then?"

"If you wanted to move in with us? We are going to buy a mansion for all four of us too live in but I don't think you will want to?"

"Omg we would love to!!"

"Same Here!"

The girls dived on Niall and Louis and Hugged them...They never wanted to let go!
Nialls POV:

OMG YES!!!!!!

Charlotte wants to move In!!!!


Im so Happy...

I Love her too Much!!

Louis POV:

Get in there!!!

Dana will Move in!!!

All we need now is a Mansion!!

"Guys,Were going Mansion shopping 2mora..!"

"Okay Great,Oh yeah and Girls you don't need to pay a thing me and Louis Will Half it!"

"Oh No we cant let you do that"

"Oh yes you can! And we will put all four of our names , As the people who own it!"

"Omg,Thanks Guys!"

"We girls love you 2!!"

"Best Boyfriend ever!!"

Charlottes POV:




Decorating and everything its going to be awesome!!
Niall And Louis are the best!!

Also we don't Have to Pay a penny!!!!!

Love Niall!

Best Boyfriend EVER!!!

Danas POV:

Wow....Just Wow!

I don't know what to say!!
Im amazed!

Asif they are going to half it!

Me and Charlotte Don't have to Pay for Anything!!




They went Back to Charlottes House Were they was all staying..

Charlotte and Niall shared One room..

Dana and Louis shared the other...

They held eachother Tight and drifted off to sleep..

Ready for a long day tomorrow....


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