Lost in the woods

Two young Girls Charlotte and Dana, And two young Boys Niall and Louis...
They decide to go Camping in the woodlands of stourport... But they don't know what is lurking inside the woods, Until One day...BANG


4. On way to woodland

So here we are on the motorway travelling to our destination.

Going 85mph Like a boss;)

Nialls POV:

Charlottes looking so amazing....

I hope she thinks the same about me....

"Hi Charlotte...Your looking very beautiful!"

"Hiyaa, Your looking Very handsome!"

"Are you just saying that complemented you?"

"No Im being serious! I love you!!"

"I love you more!"

"No you don't!!"

"I do!"

"Shall we stop at the next service station"

"Yeah okay,"

Charlotte's POV:

Niall Looks So fit......!

Hope he thinks that about me.....!

"Yeah Niall lets stop at this service station , Dana Louis you wanna stop?"


"Okay yeah:)"

"Dana I need the toilet really Bad!"

They all laugh..

"Shut-up Mann!"

niall is pulling up at the service station.

He jumps out and comes round and takes my hand..and I jump out and he caches me:)

Sweet love!

Louis gets out and does the same to Dana..

Dana's POV:

Charlotte and Niall are so cute together!

Louis has his arm around me, and ive got my head on his chest thinking about life..

"Louis, I love you so much, its unbelievable."

"Dana I love you more!"

"No, You don't because...That would be impossible!"

"Okay, You win"

He got his hand rubbed it down my cheek and kissed me continuously all over my face...

Charlotte was taking Pictures and posting them on Instagram......

She is a cow...But I love her!!

"Anyway were stopping here aint we?"

"Yeahyeah I think"

Louis POV:

"Yeah We are stopping here I think my wonderful charming Lady!"

"Okay my gentleman,"

Anyway, Dana is the best girlfriend Ever!!

"Louis Charlotte Dana.... Can we go in Nandoos at this service station?"

"Yeah okay!"
Yeah Defo!"


"Here we are guys!"


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