Lost in the woods

Two young Girls Charlotte and Dana, And two young Boys Niall and Louis...
They decide to go Camping in the woodlands of stourport... But they don't know what is lurking inside the woods, Until One day...BANG


37. Merry hill (Part one)

They was all travelling to Merry Hill,

Dana and Charlotte was Jamming to Charlottes Jason derulo album,

Talk dirty to me was on,

Charlotte was Driving at 70mph

blasting tunes,

Dana and Charlotte were singing and Dancing.

Life was Fun!


Liam and Harry were Jamming to Harrys Ellie goulding Album.

Burn was on.

Harry was doing 80mph

Blasting Tunes

Doing weird dancing.

Singing at the top of there Voice's

Life was Great!.


And then there was Niall and Louis....

Jamming to The fox...

Niall was doing 90mph!

Blasting the Fox..

Both of them Making silly Noises..

Dancing away

Life Is Fab!


Charlotte and Dana were the First ones at merry Hill..

They went in the Eat central,

Found A table big enough for 6 people,

The ordered a drink of coke each

And waited for them to Come..


Then all they heard was two voices doing Gangnam style..

Dana and Charlotte new who it was straight away..

They turned around to see a Niall and Louis Gangnamming towards them..

Charlotte and Dana were laughing..

They Came over and Kissed Charlotte and Dana,

It felt Amazing for all of them,


They spoke,

Dana Said

"Right guys Liam and Harry are coming too..."

"Don't kick off.."

"Okay, Were fine with that!"

"Its because me and Charlotte have got an announce ment to Make.."

All of a sudden Charlottes Mouth Dropped..

Dana said

"Charlotte wats up hun?"

Charlotte Pointed in the Left Direction Dana turned,

Danas mouth dropped too,

Liam and Harry were walking thorough..

They looked God Dam SEXY!

Charlotte and Dana were Gob smacked!

Now they daint know what to do,

Liam n harry run there Hands through there Hair as they was walking to wards Charlotte n Dana.


"Charlotte...That's the most amazingist view ive ever ever seen.."

"Dana tell me about it..."

Harry came and closed charlottes Mouth then kissed her Gently..

Liam shut Danas mouth too And kissed her..

For the Girls it felt like heaven..

Now there plan had cocked up..

Because now they've seen the Boys in flesh they don't no which boy they want to be with....


Who will they choose?




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