Lost in the woods

Two young Girls Charlotte and Dana, And two young Boys Niall and Louis...
They decide to go Camping in the woodlands of stourport... But they don't know what is lurking inside the woods, Until One day...BANG


16. Found...I hope?

Niall and Louis found a hole and jumped down it..

They came out into a bedroom full Of balloons....

"Welcome.. Everything floats down here...Join us...."

"Were are Charlotte and Dana!"

"Just through there"


"First we want to kill you!!"

"Ahhaa crap runn!!"

The clown started to scream and ran!

with Niall and Louis chasing him with a Mop and a saucepan!!


Niall Knocked the clown out wiv the mop!

Louis Killed him with the sauce pan!!

Finally the clown  had died!!

They ran and got the girls..

Placed the on there Backs and Legged it!!

They got back to the tent!

Danas POV:

"Omg Louis thank you!"

"Are you hurt,?!"

"Nope that was Fake blood he made us do it"

"Oh good"
I sat up crawled over to him and hugged him!

He kissed my lips, I felt like I never wanted this moment to end!

Louis POV:

Best moment ever, I didn't want it to end!

I love her so much!

Im thinking of buying a house for me and her to live in like were 20!

I can afford it!

Nialls thinking about doing it 2!

When shall I ask......

Charlottes POV:

I lay down next to Niall

He put his arm around me and dragged me in closer...

I lent in for a kiss..

It lasted long.

He had a warm face, I brushed my hand through his hair gently, It felt like everything was perfect!

Nialls POV:

I cant wait to by a house for me and charlotte to live in!!

I hope she will like it!!

im sure she will, I know what shes like!


Aha, Ive got a Plan...

I need to talk to Louis....

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