Lost in the woods

Two young Girls Charlotte and Dana, And two young Boys Niall and Louis...
They decide to go Camping in the woodlands of stourport... But they don't know what is lurking inside the woods, Until One day...BANG


7. Dead or Alive?


"Can you hear us?!?!"

"Louis there are no replys!"

"What if some ones got them!?!?"

"Louis, Don't think like that!"
"But what if...?"

"Louis don't try and think like that mate.."

"Come on lets carry on"



"Dana im tired.."

"Same here Charlotte"

"Shall we sleep for a little bit?"

"Yeah, im sure that would be okay,"

"Okay night."



"Omg... Louis there they are..."


"Are they Dead??"

"lets get this down!!"


Niall and Louis snapped the ropes and cached  there girlfriends...

However there eyes wasn't open....

Niall lay charlotte on the floor

Louis did the same...

They screamed thinking the girls were dead..

But suddenly the girls jumped up!
"God Niall I was trying to sleep"

"Oh thank the lord your alive!!"


"It don't matter as long as your okay..."

Niall and charlotte kissed..

"Come on lets go back to the tent"


"Louis I was trying to sleep then!

"Oh sorry!"

"Its okay"

"Im glad your okay:)"

"I love you Mr!"

"I love you Mrs"

Louis kissed Dana on her lips for ages and just held her in his arms....



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