The Heart Locket

Two best friends are neighbors but consider each other family. Natara and Kristen face a major separation during a serious accident.


3. The Key

       Tara awoke to the sound of chirping birds. She rubbed the sleepy dirt out of her eyes and looked at the heart locket. She reluctantly got out of bed to begin the day. After a quick shower she weaved a Dutch braid, put on her red tank top, blue denim shorts, and blue keds. She hopped downstairs, greeted her mother and helped her with Chrissy’s care basket. They had breakfast which consisted of cereal, toast, and orange juice. After that they decided to take a brief visit to the hospital.

As they walked inside Chrissy’s concealed room, they were disappointed to see she was still resting. On the bed side table lied a small silver key. The key looked like the right measurement for the heart locket. Suddenly Tara felt a tiny red devil appear on her shoulder.

“Take it and open the locket,” the small devil sneered. After that Tara felt a presence land on the opposite shoulder of the devil.

“Resist, your poor hospitalized friend doesn’t need a nosy nelly,” said a little angel clothed in pure white.

“Don’t listen to goodie two shoes, come on find what she has been hiding all this time!” the devil smirked. Without another thought Tara walked closer to the key placed on the bed side table. Next, she picked it up and twirled it between her two fingers. Then she stuffed it in her pocket and hurried her mother to leave. After the car ride she snatched the heart locket off from her dresser and wandered into the bathroom for some privacy. Tara tried to use the silver key to open the locket but it didn’t fit.

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