The Heart Locket

Two best friends are neighbors but consider each other family. Natara and Kristen face a major separation during a serious accident.


4. Questions Unanswered

Tara threw it on the floor and fled from the bathroom. She ran into her room and slammed the door behind her. Pacing back and fourth she thought where the key could be and what the silver key was for. There was no response on the other end when she tried to call Chrissy. The question that Tara desired to have answered was "where was the key to the heart locket?"

Today is Saturday which means cleaning day. Tara is required to clean her room, her mother would clean the bathroom and her father would handle the yard. As Tara was making her bed she heard the bathroom door open as her mother crept in. Her mother spotted something in the corner of her eye. On the tiled floor lied a purple heart locket and next to it was a key. She picked it up and wiggled the key into the opening. Just like Tara tried the locket wouldn't budge. She summoned Tara, to explain the locket. Once Tara walked in she scrambled as soon as she saw the locket in her mothers hands.

Arriving in her room she bolted the door. "What will my mother think?" "Does she think I am hiding something?" "Will she ever trust me again?" "Does she know its Chrissy's?"

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