The Heart Locket

Two best friends are neighbors but consider each other family. Natara and Kristen face a major separation during a serious accident.


2. Heaven's Gained An Angel

The boy stumbled towards the unknown room. His mother was smothered with a white sheet. As a result, the boy melted to the tiled floors. Once Tara noticed his reaction she sprinted over to him. Soon the nurse shoved her out and exclaimed,

“Family only!” After Tara’s back faced the door she slid down and decided to eavesdrop. She could hear the nurse say

“You will be admitted into foster care if your father doesn’t show up.” Tara felt her heart sink. She sat there ready to weep until her parents arrived.

“Tara you need to come home, it’s getting late,” Her mother sighed.

“In a moment,” Tara said reluctantly.

“Do you know Chrissy’s status yet?” Her mother said concerned.

“Nope,” Tara said as tears filled her eyes again. She stood up and stuffed her hands in her pockets. Before they left she realized she never said good bye to the boy. She took a few strides towards the door and approached him.

“I have to leave. Before I go what’s your name?” Tara questioned.

“U-mm Tommy, that’s what my mommy used to call me.” He finally said. Tara gave him a farewell hug and fled to her mother’s side. Once she got home she remembered the heart locket in closed in her pocket. She entered her room and pulled out the locket. “I wonder what’s in here? Chrissy never told me.” Tara thought. Struggling to open the locket Tara realized a key was needed to perform the task. Tara just held it in her clammy hands for a few seconds pondering if it could be picked, rather than respect her best friends privacy. She forgot about the thought and placed it on her dresser. Seeing it was truly late she tucked herself into her soft and cozy bed.

As always thanx so much for reading. We will always update ASAP b/c we have different schedules and we are not always free just to sit down and write. We hope you are liking it so far!!-xoxo

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