Am i Falling For My Bothers Band Mate?

My name is Ally i'm 17. I'm N-O-T a country girl! I don't behave like a"normal" !7 year old. My brother, Louis. Yes Louis Tomlinson. From One Direction.


2. Sex with Harry?

Ally's POV

He called me BUGGY, i loved that brought so many great memories.

All of the boys came in, as soon as you know. My housed is trashed liam was the only one who put his stuff in a neat pile.

"okay okay okay i have a small couch and 1 air bed... "'oh yea and my bed" i smiled and turned around to wink at liam and niall who were standing together.

all of the boys ( except Louis) Said i call her bed

"NO,NO ,NO" Louis shouted. 

"Lou, its fine you and harry can share the airbed, in my room. you know so you can keep an eye on me."

"wait i want to go in there too!" He said in a somewhat whiny voice.

" Zayn you can move the couch in there to. "

"dang it Liam and Niall are lucky" Harry said as Louis smacked him.

"I'm going to the store to get some things for us to do because we'll be here for a while"

Harry mumbled. "YES"

As soon as Lou locked the door i went up to harry and got on top of him. knowing he liked it. He softly moaned. I leaned in and kissed him causing him to fall on his back (he was sitting down and he fell on his back.) We started to kiss roughly. so rough i started to take off my shirt and the boys shouted. "common don't stop yet " 

"Leave us alone" Harry scolded at the boys.

They all left.

Harrys POV

"Leave us alone"  I yelled at my friends.

My tongue and her perfectly entwined. My hands slowly went up her back and i unhooked her bra. She had perfect boobs! My willy stood straight up.(For all of you carrots Willy is Harry's Dick) It felt so good my body went up and i poked her with him. (on accident) 

"mmmmmhhh babe poke me again.  Let me say Hi to Willy :)" she said so horny like.

"OK love, take off you sweats first." i said then liked her right nipple.

"mmmm" she moaned because i liked her tits.

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