The Miriacle

I sat in a hospital bed wondering what has happened the past day. I was hooked up to some kind of bag thing. Then I saw the cuts on my wrist and remembered it all...... Blake laughing at me, his friend Elijah in concern, just every moment of that day. This is how my story all started..................................


1. Regection Hurts


                                     Ansley's POV & Narrator's P.O.V:

      "Hey, my friend likes you..!" I said. Blake turns around, laughs loudly and coldly and says 'I will never love her, even if she was the last girl on earth!!!!" then walks away.


      Sabrina was watching and started to run out the door with tears blurring her vision. Later that day she goes home and unlocks the house door. Her eyes still red from all the crying. She then walks to her dresser, reaches all the way to the back and extracts a large silver blade. She walks into the bathroom getting alcohol.....she then came sat on the bed as all the moments from that day rushed to the front of her mind, bringing back Blake's harsh and cold remark. She then ran the blade slowly across her wrist and arm revealing damaged skin and watches as the deep crimson red blood comes pouring out......Nobody was home at that moment, just her. She was crying her eyes out and pouring blood. She poured the alcohol on the cuts and felt them burn and saw the blood ooze out even faster...... She all the sudden started feeling light headed and dizzy and stared to feel herself lose ability to sit upright.....Finally, the little girl blacked out onto her bed which was soaked in blood. She got a text from Ansley  asking "where are you????????"  



       It was always VERY rare for Sabrina to never answer her phone......... I was getting so worried about her because it's been over 4 hours now and I still haven't got a text back from her. Maybe I should go check up on her....I drove over to Sabrina's house expecting to see her asleep or not even home. I went up to the front door and knocked. No answer. Okay then, that's a little odd, I thought to myself. I went ahead and let myself into the house and yelled Sabrina's name. I still had no answer. I checked the living room first, then the kitchen,then the bathroom, and finally, her mom's bedroom. I still failed to find sign of her here or even her. I had only one more spot to check......and that was her bedroom. I waked back up the stairs and walked to Sabrina's bedroom door, I turned the knob only to see my best friend lying there dead.....

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