The Miriacle

I sat in a hospital bed wondering what has happened the past day. I was hooked up to some kind of bag thing. Then I saw the cuts on my wrist and remembered it all...... Blake laughing at me, his friend Elijah in concern, just every moment of that day. This is how my story all started..................................


2. Found

                                      *Amy is Sabrina's mom and it's 4 hours later 7:38pm*


                   Amy's POV:

"Hey, I got to go home to my daughter and check up on her". "Ok just be back by 9:00pm because we have a meeting at that time" my boss Tim said to me as I was heading out the back door. "Ok " I said in a loud voice so he could hear me. I was walking to my car, when all the sudden I got a text saying "COME HOME NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!". It was from Sabrina's best friend Ansley. I was worried , I got in my car, stuck the key in and switched gears as I sped off to the house. I came home to Ansley crying and saying "She's dead" !!!!!!! over and over. "Wait, what happened to her"???? I asked. "I honestly don't know, I found her laying on her bed, her sheets were covered I blood and I found a knife, I think she bled out" Ansley said still crying. "Well we need to get her to the hospital now, maybe there is hope, Just get her in the car while I go get the keys". We finally got in the car and was driving to the hospital. About 30 minutes later we arrived at the hospital and rushed Sabrina into the ER. Me and Ansley were holding Sabrina's hands as the doctors rushed her into the back rooms. One of the doctors looked at me and Ansley with a sad look and says "Sorry ladies, but there is no visitors beyond this point". Me and Ansley went back to the waiting area and sat there for over 4 hours. I walked up to the desk clerk and asked her if there was a checkup on Sabrina Elizabeth Lynch. She shook her head no and told me it would be a few more hours. It was now 3 hours later and they finally called out "Sabrina's Parents"?? "Yes I'm her mother" I said in a quick tone. "The doctor needs to speak to you for a minute" the nurse said. I walked through the door and saw the doctor looking at the sheets of paper on his clipboard, he looked at them with a confused look. He finally looked up and gave me a warm smile, I smiled back and shook his held out hand. "Mrs. Lynch I'm sorry, but your daughter is dead". After I heard those few words my world fell apart into a million pieces and I started sobbing uncontrollably. Then I heard a nurse running towards me and the doctor saying "she's alive doctor, she's ALIVE !!!!" I suddenly looked up and at the nurse with my red eyes, makeup running down my face, and asked her "But, how". "I don't know, I was just fixing to lay the covers over her face, when I saw her breathing and I herd the machine beeping as she came back to life" the nurse said. "You have one lucky daughter Mrs. Lynch, it's a miracle she came back to life" the doctor said..... "Can I see my daughter please"?? "No mam I'm sorry but she needs to rest and she will be ready to come home in 2 days,Until then, go back home and get some rest" the doctor said.

                                                 *2 days later, Ansley's POV*

Today was the day Sabrina......

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