James Potter and the Marauders

This is a story about James Potter (Harry's father). I'm sorry if I made any mistakes. English isn't my native language.


18. Transfiguration

Sirius' p.o.v.:

Today, we had Transfiguration teached by professor Mcgonagall. James, Peter and I are quiet good in it. Unfortunetly, Slytherin joined us. "Goodmourning class." "Goodmourning professor Mcgonagall." We all replied. "I will teach you how to turn a bird into a water gobled. You will work with a partner, but I will chose the teams. Your partner will not be in your house." We were all disapointed. I actually barely listed to the names, so I don't know the name of him. But I do know he's very arrogant and sefish. "And last, Severus Snape and James Potter." That is not good. "I will not work with him." James said immediately. "You have no choice, mister Potter." Professor mcgonagall said severe, but calm. "I refuse working with him." James replied. "Or you will work with mister Snape, or you can explain yourself to professor Dumbledore." "Fine." James took his bag and left, which was rather foolish. "Idiot." whispered Lily. Sometimes, James can be foolish. Everybody knows James hates Severus, but James needs to know the limit. He has to listen to the teachers. He always succeed to make troubles. Sometimes by accident, sometimes on perpess. James already knows the password of Dumbledore's office but he doesn't tell us. Maybe he will tell us what Dumbledore said to him, maybe not.

James' p.o.v.:

I will never work with Snevillus. No way! I'd rather be expelled then I'd work with him. For some reason, I always calm down when I need to go to Dumbledore. I knocked on the door. "Come in." I entered the office. "Why did you leave Transfiguration? I thought you liked that lesson?" He said calm. "I do, sir. It's just... I needed to work with Severus Snape. You might noticed already we have a disagreement. Even if I worked with him, it would never work. I hope you understand." I said. It was better to tell the truth. Besides, he always knows it when you're lying. "I see you are telling the truth, which is wise, mister Potter. And because you told the truth, I won't punish you. But next time you work with mister Snape if the teacher tells you so." "Thank you, sir." I said and I left. Everybody was in the common room, so I went to my friends. "How are you?" Peter asked. "Good, thanks." "What did Dumbledore say?" asked Remus. "He asked why I left Transfiguration and I told him the truth. And because I told the truth, he didn't punish me." I answered. "How do you do that everytime?" Sirius asked surprised. "Do what?" I asked. I couldn't stop smiling because his face was really funny. "Doing something against the rules, but not getting punished for it of course!" Peter, Remus and I started to laugh."That is what people call 'having skills', mister Black." I said while laughing and Sirius laughed with us. "Well, at least I have more skills then you do." Sirius replied. "You liar!" I said dramatic, which made us laugh even more. We had no more lessons today and we already finished our homework. Suddenly, professor Mcgonagall came into the common room. "James Potter." I followed her in silence. We went to the classroom of Transfiguration. "Since you left a very important lesson, and I believe you have nothing to do anymore today, you can overhaul the lesson now." "Thank you, professor." I answered. "So you wil learn how to turn a bird into a water goblet. Wave your wand and say 'vera verto'. Like this: 'vera verto'." The bird turned into a goblet. "Wow. That's brillant." I said surprised. "And now it's up to you." Professor Mcgonagall said. I took a breath. I waved my wand and said: "vera verto". The bird turned into a water goblet. I was surprised, so was professor Mcgonagall. "That was surprisenly good, mister Potter." "Thank you, professor." "You can return to the common room." I nodded and left. When I arrived in the common room, I talked with my friends and everybody went to bed.


Author's message:

I know they normally learn how to turn a bird into a water goblet in their 2nd year, but I wanted to do it know.

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