James Potter and the Marauders

This is a story about James Potter (Harry's father). I'm sorry if I made any mistakes. English isn't my native language.


6. Please, wake up

James' p.o.v.:

We went to the Great Hall to eat breakfast. After breakfast, we decided to go to the hospital. Sirius was asleep. Well, that was what I thought. "Mss Bandage (the nurse), is Sirius allright?" I asked the nurse. I just needed to know. He's my best friend. "He lost too much blood. He's in a coma now." "In a coma? When is he going to wake up.?" I asked, but I got tears in my eyes. I tried not to cry. "I don't know. Maybe in a fiew days. But it can also last a fiew weeks. I'm sorry." I nodded and sat next to Sirius' bed. Remus and peter didn't  say anything and I was glad about it. After half an hour, we needed to go away. It was quiet hard to concentrate during the lessons and while making homework the next week, but I managed. We could only visit Sirius during the weekend because we had alot of homework.

I sat next to Sirius and started crying. Remus and Peter were there, but I dind't care anymore. "Please, Wake up. We need you Sirius. Please! Wake up... I know you can hear me, you bloody selfish asshole! Wake up! Please..."

I was crying all the time. Remus layed an arm around my shoulder to calm me down.

Sirius' p.o.v.:

Where am I? What happened to me? I can't wake up.

Awch, I feel a huge pain in my chest. "Wake up... I know you can hear me, you bloody selfish asshole!" Who is that? Who calls me a bloody selfish asshole? Oh, James does sometimes! He is here. I have to wake up, for my best friend.

I can't do it.

"Wake up, come on, you can do it." Wait a minute, that's someone else. It's Peter! He is here too. "Come on, Sirius. Wake up." Remus is also here. Maybe I can do it, for them.

Yes! I can!

James' p.o.v.:

Suddenly, Sirius' arm was moving. Remus and Peter called mss Bandage. "James? Where am I?" Oh my God. He's awake! I hugged him. "Please, stop. You're hurting me. Where am I?" I stopped hugging him. You're in the hospital." "What? Why? What happened to me?" We were all standing there. Too shy to tell him. "Remus is a werewolf. The headmaster came in and spoke to him. "Wizards - who are a werewolf like Remus - don't chose for that. Once they are transformed in a werewolf, they're not the same person anymore. They are able to kill their best friends. Please, find the courage to forgive him. After all, it's not his choice." By these words, he left.

Sirius' p.o.v.:

"Now I remember what happened that night. But...

Why couldn't you just tell us?" I just needed to know. "My father forbade me to tell anyone. You guys are the only students who knows it... Please Sirius, forgive me." When he said that, he looked at the ground. I had compassion with him. It must be really hard for him.

"I forgive you. And don't worry. I won't tell a soul."

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