James Potter and the Marauders

This is a story about James Potter (Harry's father). I'm sorry if I made any mistakes. English isn't my native language.


16. Lily's letter

James' p.o.v.:

It was so much fun with Sirius. We laughed and ate too much candy. Of course we also exchanged our chocolat frog cards. Today, Remus and Peter came to my house so we could play quidditch. Sirius and I won, because I caught the snitch. I'm thinking of Lily all the time, but I don't show it. They will only laugh with me. Maybe she will be my girlfriend. After all, I'm popular now so she already noticed me. But when will she fall in love with me? This year or next year? I just hope it will be soon. "What now, James?" ... "James!" Sirius shouted in my ears. "Huh, what?" They started to laugh. It went even worse when tey started to sing: "Lily and James sitting in a tree,     K - I - S - S - I - N - G. First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby in baby carriage." "Stop it guys, it's not funny..." I said while blushing. They started to laugh even more, but after a while they stopped laughing.

Lily's p.o.v.:

It's Christmas holiday, at last. Unfortunatly, I will have to live now with my sister, Petunia. We used to have a great connection. But since I found out I'm a wizard, she thinks I'm a freak, but I'm not! I think we won't have such a great connection ever again. Suddenly, my parent's owl flew through the open window. I took the letter, it was for me. It is from Severus, I recognize his autograph. I opened the envelope and read the letter:

Dear Lily

I lied to you. I lied to you all the time and I'm really sorry for that. There is something wrong. James is bullying me. His friends too, but he is the biggest bullier. He forbade me to tell you, otherwise, he would bully me more...

I guess he's in love with you. That will probably be the reason why he's bullying me. I hope you will forgive me. Please make sure you don't tell this to him. It will only make it worse.

Yours sincerely,

Severus Snape.

"What!" I yelled to myself. Poor Severus, I have alot of compassion with him. Be sure James will regret this. At Hogwarts, I won't leave Severus alone. I just can't let this happen. Even though Severus doesn't want I tell James, I will have to. This has to stop. And I will make sure of that.


Important author's message:

I need help from all English readers of this story. On school, I have to be able to write a correct English business letter. I know this is no business letter, but can you PLEASE tell me if there are any mistakes in the structure or something? I'm really bad in it and it's important in my branch of study that I'm able to do this correctly. Thank you very much!

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