James Potter and the Marauders

This is a story about James Potter (Harry's father). I'm sorry if I made any mistakes. English isn't my native language.


17. Embarrassing

Remus' p.o.v.:

The holiday passed by quickier than I expected. It was really fun. On platform 9 3/4, I saw my friends. We found a compartement for ourselves pretty soon. "Anything from the trolley dear?" Of course we all bought quiet alot of candy. In my chocolat frog, I found the card from Nicolas Flamel. I searched for this card for so long. "Which card do you have? I have Albus Dumbledore." James asked us. "I got Nicolas Flamel." I said proud. "I have Clidona. She is the Celtic Irish godess of beauty and the eldest daughter of the last Druid of Ireland." Explained Sirius because none of us knew her. "I got Alberic Grunnion." Peter said. "Who?" We all asked in choir. "Alberic Grunnion. Could possibly be in recognition of 'Alberich', a powerful wizard from 'Song of the Nibelungen! The poem is mythical, but was the basis for Wagner's Ring Cycle. In Wagner's version, Alberich makes a ring from gold that he has found and places a curse on it against its thief! Interestingly, one of the prizes given to a 'hero' of the Ring Cycle is an Invisiblity Cloak." Read Peter from the back of his card. We finally arrived. Once everyone was settled in the Great Hall, we all started to eat. After dinner, Lily came to us.

James' p.o.v.:

When everybody stood up, Lily came to us. Well, actually, she came to me. "You foul, loathsome, evil little cockroach!" She yelled at me. There was an icy silence. Everybody stared, including the teachers and the headmaster. "How dare you bully Severus?" I didn't show any emotions, but I was so angry. My friends didn't know what to do so they just stared at the ground. I'd probably do the same. "I'm warning you know, boy. Don't bully him anymore. And by the way, I will never be your girlfriend." She said the last phrase extra loud to make sure everybody heard it. And they did. I ran away as worthy as possible. But I didn't ran to the common room because I wanted to be alone. Even though I heard my friends running after me. "James, watch out! The beech willow!" Sirius yelled, but I barely heard it. Than I got hit by a branch of a tree. So that was what he said! I clinged me to the branch which was osculating me. Finally, the tree let me go and dropped me in some hole. I saw a staircase so I ran upstairs, it was actually a bit scary. I don't know why, but I got tears in my eyes. Maybe because of all the emotions. A fiew tears escaped, even though I tried to stop them. Severus told her... He just told her while I forbade him! I got more angry which made me cry more. My friends came in, completely out of breath. "Leave me alone." That was the only thing I said. "James..." Sirius still tried but I interrupted him. "LEAVE ME ALONE!" Remus and Peter left, but Sirius stayed. I was still crying, so he hugged me. That's why he stayed. He knows me better than Remus and Peter do. "I hate Snevillus..." I said. "He told her... He bloody told her." "I know, but maybe it's better to just... leave him." Sirius said careful. "Maybe for a while, but once, he'll regret." I told him. "But Lily..." "I don't care. It's not because she did this to me, that I will stop." "James, you like her. This is not the way to win her heart." "Sirius, you really didn't listen to her, did you? She doesn't like me, so what does it matter?" "You still love her. I know you do." Sirius said. "Of course, but that's not important. I'll have to get over it." He hugged me one more time and we left.

Sirius' p.o.v.:

When Lily spoke to us, there was a very icy silence. This was so embarrassing for him. He had a pokerface the whole time, but I knew he was very angry. When we ran away, I followed him immediately. James ran to the beech willow. I warned him, but he probably didn't hear me and got hit by the tree. He fell into a hole which lead us to the Shrieking Shack. The conversation James and I had was rather sensitive, but I think he's going to be alright. He will stay in love with Lily, I just know. But he will be alright.

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