The best <3


3. The Boys

It was Harry,Zayn,Liam,and Louis. "So I herd you have family moving in" said Harry as he let himself in. The boys greeted themselves to my mom, my friend, and I. The second me and zayn locked eyes I was in heaven. His brown eyes. Black hair. How could I not die? He was.... Perfect. No other words to describe it. As he came around to me to greet me with a hug he whispered in my ear, "I herd me and Niall are you favorite and since Niall's your brother now, maybe we have a chance." At that moment my heart stoped. I herd myself screaming inside but all I said was "yea. Might" I hugged him tighter then I hugged Niall. I was in heaven. I knew since the boys were in a band they were traveling a lot. Niall asked me and Rachael if we would like to come on your with them. I couldn't say no. But school. We had to take online classes but that's okay. Being on your with the hottest boy band is much better then school. As we got on the bus Niall and zayn walked into a room talking.

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