Kid Next Door

Hey, I'm Hollie and I'm 18 years old. I live in London with my mum and two brothers. My dad left when I was about 10. But, my life changes when a certain Niall Horan becomes my next door neighbour.


26. Wedding

~~Heart pounding. Palms sweating. Heavy breathing. I am about to get married. This has to be perfect.
"Hey, you ready?" Niall asked. I took a deep breath.
"Yep." I said pinning the last piece of stray hair into my bow. I slid my feet gently into my shoes. I took a deep breath and took Niall's hand. Niall was the best man. The other boys were invited as well, of course. Shawna was my maid of honour, carrying James in her arms.
We walked carefully along the corridors to the church. We came to the entrance, where everyone was already seated. Niall gave me a smile, kissed my cheek, and went in to find his place. I glanced behind my shoulder, to find Shawna smiling and putting her thumbs up. Music filled the air as everyone stood up and turned to look at the door. I knew this was the moment. My mother grabbed my arm and gave me a reassuring smile. My mum is giving me away since my dad doesn't want to know me. She led me slowly down the isle, stepping in time with the music. My flower girl trailed in front of me, dumping clumps of petals across the isle, since she was only 4. My other bridesmaids followed me, holding the train of my wedding dress. I scanned the rows of seats, seeing some people smiling, and others crying with happiness. I saw my brothers, Luca and Jamie holding in their tears. Luca was only 16, but Jamie was 20. I could see Harry and Niall staring at me, smiling. I smiled at the ground, blushing. After what felt like hours, I got to Harry, and the music stopped.
"You look beautiful." Harry whispered in my ear, finishing it with a kiss on the lips.
We went through all the ceremonial things, then it came to our vows.
"Do you, Harry Edward Styles, take this woman, Hollie Jenna Walker, to be your lawful wedded wife?" The vicar asked.
"I do." Harry smiled. The vicar turned to me.
"Do you, Hollie Jenna Walker, take this man, Harry Edward Styles, to be your lawful wedded husband?"
"I do." I replied, with the worlds biggest grin on my face.
"You may now kiss the bride." The vicar announced. We both gazed into each others eyes, lent in and kissed each other. There were loud claps and cheers erupting from behind us. We broke the kiss and smiled.
"Shall we?" Harry smiled taking my hand. I nodded excitedly. We spun round, I pulled my shoes off, and we ran down the isle, laughing and screaming.

So, I am now officially Hollie Styles. I just hope Harry takes the news ok.
"HEY BABY!" Someone shouted. I spun around to find a drunk Niall.
"Oh Niall. You're drunk again." I sighed.
"Yeeeeppppp." He replied, popping the 'p'.
"Do you remember what happened the last time you got drunk?" I asked, hands on hips.
"Noope." He replied. "I'm getting another drink." He shrugged, turning around to walk off. I grabbed his arm and spun him around.
"Oh no you're not. No more alcohol." I said sternly.
"Finnnneeee." He whined. I smiled and let him go. I went off to find Harry. He was sitting alone at the bar with some water. I smiled at the fact he doesn't drink, and walked over to him.
"Hey baby." I smiled kissing his lips.
"Hello beautiful." He replied.
"Harry, I need to tell you something." I said. He look concerned.
"What's up?" He asked looking me in the eyes.
"I..I-" I was cut off by a glass smashing and a scream. I spun round to see Niall on the floor surrounded by glass. I stood up and ran over to him.
"Niall? Niall can you hear me? Niall wake up!" I said shaking his head.
"Mhhfmm." He mumbled.
"Niall, stay awake." I said still gently shaking him. He had cuts everywhere. What the hell had happened?
"Ok." He replied.
"HARRY! Get me some water!" I shouted. A few seconds later he returned with a glass of water. I took it and poured it over Niall. His eyes shot open.
"Mhhmm!!" He mumbled and sat up.
"What happened?" He asked groggily, rubbing his head.
"I'm not sure, but you have cuts everywhere. Someone get me some kitchen roll and tape?" I asked looking up and the crowed hovering over me and Niall. There were a few shuffles, when finally someone emerged with what I asked. I gently wrapped the paper round his wounds and taped them up. I stood up, grabbed Niall's hand and yanked him up. He wrapped his arm around me for support, and I led him to the sofa. Once he was settled, I ran back to the kitchen.
"Me." I heard someone say. I spun round to find Shawna.
"Shawna, what happened?" I asked.
"Someone spilled a drink, and Niall came running round the corner with a beer bottle in his hand, slipped, fell and his bottle smashed everywhere." She explained. I raised and eyebrow.
"Are you sure? He didn't get in an argument did he? Because he can get violent when he is drunk." I asked.
"I'm sure." Shawna laughed. I sighed and made my way back over to Niall.
"What happened Ni?" I asked sitting on the edge of the sofa.
"Erm, I can't really remember, last thing I knew I was running round the house." He shrugged.
"Oh, ok. You can sleep if you want." I said pulling a blanket over him. He smiled and closed his eyes.
"Hey, Hollie, what was it you wanted to tell me again?" Harry said walking over to me.
"Oh, erm, follow me." I said leading him into a private room.
"Well?" Harry asked, with a raised eyebrow.
"I-I'm pregnant."

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