Kid Next Door

Hey, I'm Hollie and I'm 18 years old. I live in London with my mum and two brothers. My dad left when I was about 10. But, my life changes when a certain Niall Horan becomes my next door neighbour.


16. True or False

“Hollie, I’m so sorry I haven’t been here for you lately.” He said looking guilty.
“Hey, it’s fine! You have Shawna!” I smiled.
“Oh yeah” he said quietly.
“Is everything ok with you guys?” I asked concerned.
“Yeah, we will be ok.” He smiled weakly.
“What do you mean you will be ok?” I asked worriedly.
“Well, we.. err..” He said drifting off.
“Niall?” I asked seriously.
“We had an argument.” He said on the brim of tears.
“Oh Niall, what was it about?” I asked sympathetically.
“She.. She was sending flirty messages to another man.” Niall said letting one lone tear slide down his cheek. I was shocked. Shawna would never do that! Would she? Poor Niall. I reached forward and wrapped my one good arm around Niall and pulled him into a hug. He wrapped his arms around me and cried into my shoulder. I’ve never seen Niall like this. He must really love her.
“Hey, Niall, It’s going to be ok. Trust me. You have Louis, Zayn, Liam, and of course me and Harry. We will always be here for you. You know that right?” I said with a reassuring smile.
“Thank you Hollie, I don’t know what I would do without you.” He said with a big smile, our eyes locked.  We didn’t even notice Harry in the doorway. Harry cleared his throat loudly to let us know he was there.
“Oh, hey Harry!” I said turning my gaze onto Harry.
“Hey Hollie, hey Niall!” He said smiling walking over to the bed.
“How  you feeling Hollie?” Harry said giving me a kiss on the nose.
“Better than before.” I admitted.
“That’s great news” He said smiling.
“Niall, can we have a minute?” Harry asked glaring at Niall.
“Course. I will be outside.” He said walking out.
“What’s up with Niall?” Harry asked concerned.
“Don’t tell anyone Harry.” I said in a serious tone.
“Promise. Now what’s the matter with him? He has been really sad lately.” Harry said concerned.
“Shawna has been sending flirty text messages to another man, but he doesn’t know who.” I said frowning, and Harry’s eyes grew wide.
“Oh my gosh..” Harry said looking at his feet.
“What is it Harry?” She said staring at me.
“I’m the man she has been sending flirty messages too.” Harry said wide eyed.
"WHAT?!" I screamed
"I didn't know it was her! I just kept ignoring the messages! Look here's the proof!" He said pulling out his phone for me to read the messages. He scrolled through pages of messages, when I saw one that he sent.
'Look, I don't know who you are, but can you leave me alone? I have a girlfriend.'
I looked up at Harry and smiled. He's so sweet! By all the messages, she obviously knows it's Harry, because she mentions his name a lot. I don't get it. Why would Shawna do this, if it is her. She knows I'm with Harry, and she is happy with Niall. I don't get it.
"Let me ring the number that's sending you these messages." I said sticking my hand out for the phone. Harry passed my it and I rang the number, and put it on loud speaker.
"Hello?" The voice said. It was definitely a girl.
"Hello who is this?" I asked.
"This is Erin, who is this?" She replied.
"This is Harry Styles girlfriend. Can you stop sending him flirty messages please, you're annoying him." I replied with relief because it wasn't Shawna.
"What?" She replied confused.
"You know what i'm on about." I said annoyed.
"Oh, so can't a fan try and get noticed?" She replied angrily.
"Yes but not by constantly flirting with him and getting him annoyed!" I shouted.
"All right no need to shout! I will stop! God!" She said annoyed
"Thankyou! Bye!" I hung up.
"Sorted." I smiled.
"Aha, you're the best!" Harry laughed giving me a hug
"Even when you're ill you still stand up for me! Love you!" He said pecking my lips.
"Theres still one thing though. If that wasn't Shawna, then who is she messaging?" I asked sadly.
"I don't know. She's coming to visit you later, so have a look through her phone." Harry suggested.
"How?" I asked.
"Ask her to get you some food or something, and when she's gone look through her phone." Harry said
"Harry that's a brilliant idea!" I smiled.
"I know!" He laughed.
"Shall we tell Niall our plan?" I asked.
"If you want too." Harry shrugged
"Call him in." I demanded. Harry did as he was told, and seconds later Niall came walking in.
"Niall. Take a seat. We have a plan!" I smiled patting the end of my bed.
"Fill me in" Niall smiled.
"Shawna is coming to visit later, so I'm going to tell her to get me some food, then flick through her texts." I explained.
"What do you think?" I asked
"It's a great idea Shawna!" Niall smiled.
"It wasn't my idea, it was Harry's!" I smiled pointing to a proud looking Harry.
"Thanks mate." Niall smiled at Harry.
~A few hours later~
"Hey Shawna!" I smiled as Shawna walked in.
"Hey Hollie! How you feeling?" She asked.
"Could be better!" I laughed.
"Is Niall here?" She asked as her eyes scanned the room.
"No he left a few minutes ago." I frowned.
"Oh ok." She smiled.
"Hey, Shawna, I'm starving, you wouldn't mind getting me some food and a drink would you?" I asked
"Of course! Sandwich and Pepsi?" She asked
"Yep!" I shouted as she left. I looked at my bed side table for her phone. Bingo! I picked up the phone and looked at her messages. I scrolled through texts to friends, then there was one that made me almost drop the phone.
' Hey hunni, see you at Nando's tonite at 7 yeah?xx'
The name was 'Josh'. No no no no this can't be happening. I heard footsteps so I locked the phone and put it back on the table.
"One ham salad sandwich with Pepsi!" Shawna smiled handing me the food.
"Thanks! What are you doing tonight?" I asked curious of the answer.
"Nothing, just chilling with friends." She smiled.
"Oh cool." I replied.
A few hours passed and Shawna left to 'chill with her friends'. I rang Niall to tell him what I found, but I was scared. He will be crushed. I have to tell him.
"Hey Hollie. Find anything?" Answered an eager Niall.
"Yes." I answered sadly.
"She is meeting up with a boy called Josh at 7 tonight." I told him.
"Oh. Where?" Niall said choking back the tears.
"Nando's." I replied.
"Why?" I asked curiously.
"I'm going to meet this Josh." Niall said before hanging up the phone.

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