Kid Next Door

Hey, I'm Hollie and I'm 18 years old. I live in London with my mum and two brothers. My dad left when I was about 10. But, my life changes when a certain Niall Horan becomes my next door neighbour.


13. Over Again

I woke up this morning and I knew what I had to do. I looked at the clock, which said 9am. He should be up now. I grabbed my phone and dialled his number. Please pick up.
“Hello? Hollie?” Harry answered in a happy voice.
“Hi Harry, we need to talk” I said sternly.
“Sure what is it?” Harry asked concerned.
“Come over right now, Shawna is at work so it will just be us two. It’s urgent.” I said, smiling like an idiot.
“Sure, on my way.” He said before hanging up. I got up, had a quick shower and threw on some jeans with a floral top and my grey beanie, and next thing I knew, there was a knock at the door.
“Hey Harry, come on in” I said opening the door.
“What’s up Hollie? I thought you hated me.” He said sitting on the sofa.
“Harry, I don’t hate you. I’ve been a complete idiot to you and I don’t know why. I miss you like crazy and I don’t know what got into me. I still love you Harry.” I said letting the tears flow. Harry’s eyes grew wide and he had the biggest grin on his face.
“I love you too Hollie. It’s ok, I missed you so much and I’ve waited for this day since we broke up. I love you.” He said giving me a big hug and a kiss before wiping the tears away with his thumb.
“Does this mean we are dating again?” Harry said hopefully.
“Of course” I said kissing him. He deepened the kiss and it became more passionate. When we pulled away, his eyes were sparkling. Wow, I missed him so much.

Harry’s P.O.V
Finally. I have been waiting for this day since we broke up. I’ve missed her so much, her soft kiss, her amazing smile, her dark brown eyes, her infectious laugh and most of all, her love. All morning we were cuddling on the sofa, not letting go once. This is what I can’t live without.
“Hey Hollie, wanna go out somewhere?” I asked.
“Sure, where?” she replied looking at me.
“Taco Bell?” We cried.
Hollie's P.O.V
We both smiled and got up to put on our shoes. In the car we were babbling on about crazy things, but Harry didn’t realise there was a red light, so he put his foot on the breaks. Hard. Next thing we knew a car drove straight into the back of us. I was in a bit of pain, think it’s just whiplash.
“Oh no” Harry said. The man in the car behind us had gotten out of his car and was now knocking on Harry’s window, so Harry rolled it down to speak to him.
“You stupid boy, pay attention to the road!” The man shouted. That’s when I realised something. This man wasn’t any old man, it was my dad.

“Dad?” I said quietly, and Harry and My dad looked at me.
“Hollie? Is that really you?” He asked in disbelief. I nodded with tears of happiness rolling down my cheeks. I got out the car and ran round to my dad.
“Hollie, your beautiful!” Dad whispered in my ear.
“I know she is” Harry said from the car.
“Is this your boyfriend?” Dad asked.
“Yeah, dad, this is Harry, Harry, this is my dad.” I told them.
“Nice to meet you” Harry said getting out of the car.
“You better be treating my daughter right son!” Dad said laughing.
“I will sir you don’t need to worry” Harry said smiling at me.
“I’m glad I bumped into you, literally!” Dad chuckled.
“Haha, so am I!” I said.
“Where you guys off too?” Dad asked curiously.
“Taco Bell” We replied at the same time, laughing.
“Ok, well you guys have fun, and I will meet you at home.” Dad said.
“Hey dad, I got a flat, you can stay there for a while, so you don’t have to face mum” I suggested.
“Oh, ok thank you hunni.” Dad said smiling. I gave him the address and told him I have a roommate so he don’t freak out when he finds a girl in my flat. This is the best day ever!

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