Kid Next Door

Hey, I'm Hollie and I'm 18 years old. I live in London with my mum and two brothers. My dad left when I was about 10. But, my life changes when a certain Niall Horan becomes my next door neighbour.


22. More Than Expected

"You ok Niall?" I said rubbing his back.
"Yeah." He replied pulling a piece of toilet paper off the roll and wiping his mouth. I gave him a sympathetic smile. I ran downstairs to fetch him a glass of water. I ran back upstairs into the bathroom but he was gone. I looked around with my eyes screwed up in confusion. I walked out and noticed Harry's bedroom light was on. I was about to walk in when I heard a guitar. I stood against the wall with my ear pressed against it. I could hear the gentle strum of guitar and Niall's soft voice singing along.
"If I'm louder, would you see me? Would you lay down, in my arms and rescue me? 'Cause we are, the same. You saved me, but when you leave it's gone again. When he opens his arms and holds you close tonight, it just won't feel right. 'Cause I can love you more than this, yeah. When he lays you down I might just die inside. It just don't feel right. 'Cause I can love you more than this." I stood in the doorway smiling and clapping quietly.

"I wasn't aware I had an audience!" Niall smiled.
"Awh Niall that was amazing! And considering you just threw up in the toilet!" I giggled. I walked over to his bed and handed him the glass of water, and he took small, quick sips.
"Thanks." He smiled after swallowed his water.
"Are you ready for this baby?" I asked seriously.
"I will have to be." He shrugged.
"No, not I WILL have to be, I WANT to be, Niall." I said sternly.
"I don't really have much time to prepare myself." Niall sighed.
"Niall you have 9 months!" I pointed out.
"Hollie, she is already 5 months pregnant!" Niall retorted. My mouth dropped open.
"What?" I whispered.
"You heard me." Niall whispered angrily.
"Are you done with this water?" I asked trying to change the subject.
"Yeah." He replied handing me the glass.
"Thanks. Night Niall." I said standing up, walking out, and closing the door firmly behind me. I walked calmly down the stairs and put the glass in the sink.
"Are you ok?" I heard a croaky voice. I turned round quickly to see a groggy Harry sitting up.
"You scared me!" I laughed quietly, with my hand on my heart.
"Sorry!" Harry smiled.
"You ok?" He repeated.
"Yeah, I just got Niall a drink of water." I smiled.
"Niall's here?" He asked confused.
"Yeah, he was drunk so I took him upstairs to sleep in your room, then I heard him being sick." I explained.
"Oh ok." Harry smiled laying back down. I walked back upstairs and got into my bed. I pulled the covers over my shivering body, and curled up into a ball of blankets, and slowly fell asleep.

~Next Morning~
I woke up to the smell of bacon. I smiled knowing Harry must be up. I rubbed my eyes and slowly swung my legs round the side of my bed, and attempted to find my slippers with my feet. I eventually slipped them on and walked downstairs.
"Morning beautiful!" Harry cried cheerfully.
"Morning!" I smiled
"Bacon sound good?" Harry said shaking the pan, causing it to sizzle. He was wearing his 'Kiss the Chef' apron. I rolled my eyes and sat at the table.
"Are you forgetting something?" Harry smiled gesturing to his apron. I rolled my eyes, leaned forward and pecked his lips.
"Thank you" He smiled. He picked the bacon out of the pan, and put it into two pieces of bread, folded them, and skidded the plate over to me. I took the plate over to the sofa, and stared out of our patio doors. It was snowing again, and a smile grew across my face, knowing what we would be doing later. I was stuffing my face, and flicking through the TV channels, when I heard footsteps walking down the stairs. I turned my head to see a groggy Niall rubbing his eyes.
"Morning." I said turning my attention back to the TV.
"Morning." He replied grabbing his bacon sandwich.
"How are you feeling mate?" Harry asked before taking a bite out of his sandwich.
"Rubbish." He replied rubbing his forehead.
"Go back to bed Ni." I smiled putting my plate into the dishwasher.
"I have to get back to Shawna!" Niall protested.
"Not like that!" I laughed.
"Go take a nap, then I will take you home." I promised.
"Fine." Niall huffed. He finished his last bite of his sandwich and trudged upstairs. 
"So, Harry, it's snowing again!" I winked.
"Oh yeah!" He replied punching the air, causing my to giggle. I ran up stairs to change into something warm. I threw my hair up in a messy bun, and threw on a beanie and some mittens.
Once I was happy with my outfit, I walked downstairs and found Harry in his favourite beanie, his long black coat, black boots and gloves, with his grey skinny jeans, with a scarf wrapped round his neck, covering his chin.
"Ready?" He asked
"Yep!" I replied slipping on my black ugg boots.

I ran outside and immediately stuck my tounge out to catch the falling snowflakes. And if I was lucky enough to catch one, I watched it slowly melt away on my tounge. I smiled when I saw Harry doing the same. I knew this was my chance. I quickly picked up some snow and moulded it into a ball, an pelted it at Harry. He immediately turned around and threw one in return. From then on, it was a full on battle. After hours of snowballing, we gave up. We were about to go inside when I got a call..from Shawna? I quickly answered.
"Hollie?" She said panting.
"Shawna? Shawna are you ok?"
"No! Is Niall there?" She asked panicking.
"Is it the baby?" I asked worriedly.
"You know?" She asked.
"Yes Niall told me.. are you ok?" I repeated.
"No! I think I'm going into labour!"

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