Devil's Blood Island (bxb)

Levi, his younger sister Nova and Levi's boyfriend and there friends go to an abandoned island close to the Bahamas near Florida. But the island is located directly in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle also known as the Devils Triangle. What happens when friends start to go missing, dead, and even mutated? Will they find out the secrets of this legend of stories of extraterrestrial beings or paranormal activity, or will they find out something they should never have found out and live to tell of it?


1. Place of No Return

Lets do this, this is the start of our adventure or death, romance, thrills, confusion, paranormal, and more. And yes this story will also have a boyxboy romance in it! Because I love it and I myself am in one! Anyways, I RRREEEAAALLLLLYYYYYYYY hope you all like it! PPPLLLLEEEEAAASSSEEE help me, help you enjoy this! ;D


I open my eyes to see the beautiful stary lite sky.

I feel my head throbbing with pain, I touch the back of my head and look at my shaky hand dripping with blood. I look to my left and see someone near me sitting against a tree, head down. Its..Nova. Is she alright? The throbbing pain in my head begins to subside, I look to my right and see Jesse laying next to me. I notice our hands intertwined with each other. I look down at our hands and shake it abit. Nothing.

"Jesse, babe, wake up." I try to shake his hands even more, but pain electrifies my arm with pain. I let out a whimper as I shake him even more. "Jesse please wake up. We need to go" The pain becomes too much for me so I stop. Is my arm fractured or something? 

I hear shuffling next to me. I slowly look to my left again and see Nova waking up. She tries to get on her feet, but falls to her knees. She looks around and sees me, tears start to form in her eyes as she crawls towards me cautiously.

I then hear Jessie's moaning. I look back to him and see him squirming in his sleep. Then he opens his eyes wide with horror and lets out a high pitched scream. The scream sends chills down my spine as Nova finally manages to get to me. Jesse tries to lift himself up, but sits on his behind and scans the area.

I put a hand on his shoulder and he tenses up, he looks back at me. Then sighs of relief. 

Nova taps me on the shoulder slowly, 'Levi what happen? Wheres everyone else at?' Jesse looks at me with curiosity. I try to remember what happen, but come up blank.

'I dont know, I cant remember what happen. Do you Nova?' She starts to think to herself, then she frowns and shakes her head. 'I remember a little..' She looks down and a tear falls down her cheek. I wipe it away with my thumb, 'C'mon sis. Tell us what you remember.'

She huffs in some air.

**Hours Earlier**

'Hey! What Island are we going to again?' Ashley practically yells over the loud churning Helicopter propellers.

Nova looks back at her brother, Levi, being poked on the side of the head by Ashley. Levi looks at her and gives her a pleading cry of help through his eyes, she just smiles and winks at then turns back around.

She hears him sigh and she giggles to herself. She looks out her window in the passenger seat of the Chopper and sees the everlasting clear blue Atlantic Ocean. She then looks to John maneuvering the chopper.

'WE ARE GOING TO THE UNKNOWN NAMED ISLAND ASHLEY! DO YOU EVER LISTEN?' Levi raises his voice at her as she squirms under his threatening voice.

Jesse laughs uncontrollably and grabs his sides as he laughs. Levi looks at him and punches his arm.

'Ouch! What was that for you jerk?' Jesse pouts as he rubs his arm and gives Levi the puppy eyes.

'Kiss it Levi, please? Make it feel better.' Levi looks away and shoves his hand in his face, Ashley looks at them in awww and starts giggling to herself as she watches.

'Do it Levi, I wanna see you kiss it.' She says to herself quietly, eyes wide as she inspects.

'Levi! You hurt me, please. Be a good boyfriend..Please?' He gives him the puppy eyes as he pouts. Levi sighs and shakes his head as he rolls his eyes.

'Fine then, come here you dork.' Levi grabs Jesse arm and kisses the red spot. Then he slowly kisses his way up his arm, his collar bone..slowly making his way up to his lips.

Under him Jesse starts giggling and squirming, in the back Ashley starts screaming and clapping her hands in delight at the boyxboy action.

Levi makes his way up to him, ever so slowly kissing his chin, Jesse stops giggling and squirming and then looks Levi straight in the eyes lusting for him.

Levi notices and smiles at him, 'You like that Jesse?' Jesse slowly nods his head.

Levi inches his lips to Jesse's and whispers, 'You want me to keep going?'

Jesse very slowly nods his head tranced by his boyfriend. Levi comes closer and closer, and stops within millimeters apart and smirks.

'Jesse..' He nods 'I..I'm tired.' And with that he yawns and then burps in his face.

Mortified Jesse yells and unbuckles his seat belt and starts to go ape shit on Levi. Punching and slapping him.

 Ashley waiting for her boy on boy action was shocked and angry for not getting what she wanted.

'You son-of-a-bitch!'  She screams as well and unbuckles herself, she too starts to slap him.

Levi continues to laugh and scream for help. Nova and John laugh to themselves as they hear them. They eventually sit back down in their seats mad, and look out the window.

'Babe I'm sorry! I didn't mean to do that, but I just-'

'-Had to!' Jesse cuts him off. 'I know, you did. You asshole.' Jesse sticks his tongue at him and turns back around.

Ashley casually looks around the ocean and clear blue sky, as she does she notices an odd shaped figure flying over them. She tries to get a closer looks and sees it disappear.

'Guys! I saw something! I saw something, look!' She hurries Levi and Jesse to the window.

'What is it Ashley?'

'I saw something flying over us! It was big and it was circular shaped! I know it sounds crazy, but you have to believe me.' She pleads to them.

'We do believe you Ashley, we do.' Levi says in a calming tone.

'Whats wrong Ashley?' John asks her.

'I think I saw something?'


'Above us.'

He looks to his gadgets,' My radar isn't picking anything up. Its nothing.'

'I hope so..' She says as starts talking to her self.

Jesse and Levi sit back down, then a loud explosion is heard from the back of the plane and shakes the plane jerking Levi, Jesse, and Ashley out of there seats to the floor.

'What the fuck was that John!?' Ashley screams to him, Nova looks back at everyone.

'Is everyone alright?' Nova ask. Everyone nods there heads and gets back in there seats.

'Something happen back their, look out the window and check!' John orders Levi and Jesse.


They both look out Jesse's window to the back propeller to see it on fire. 'Shit, John the back propeller is on fire! What happen?' Levi yells at him.

'I don't know! But we need to land fast before I lose control!' John yells back, he furiously starts pressing buttons and steering the chopper towards the island.

'Ashley do you see anything?'

 'I see something! Its that thing I saw earlier!'

Levi and Jesse rush to her window and peer out to see nothing.

'Its nothing. Stop messing around Ashley!' Jesse yells at her.

'Im serious, I saw something!'

'Whatever, just-!' Jesse gets cuts off as mass of bright white light consumes everything and blinds everyone.

'What the fuck! Everyone cover your eyes!' Levi yells to everyone.

As the bright light continues to shine, they hear the door slide open and the air outside rushing in and blowing everything around.

'Who open that!?' Nova tries to look back through the light, but sees nothing.

As the door opens Ashley starts to scream. Levi reaches out for her next to him, but feels nothing. She continues to scream till silence, as the scream stops the light subsides and clears. Everyone winces from the light outside and looks around. Levi and Jesse notice Ashley not in the plane.

'Oh no.' Jesse whispers to himself.

'Ashley! John, Ashley's gone!' Levi tells him.

'What do you mean! Where is she?' He yells back trying to look at them.

Jesse walks over to the open door and looks down. 'Shes gone..'

'We are already over the island, I'm turning us around to look for her.' John says in a hurry.

As they are half way over the island, John starts to turn the chopper around. Jesse continues to look out the open door looking for Ashley.

'Babe, Jesse, be careful.' Levi says to him rubbing his back. Jesse looks back and nods at him, "Aren't I always?"

Levi opens his eyes wide and shakes his head no. Jesse rolls his eyes and goes back to looking out the door.

'I don't see her in the ocean!" Levi shouts out as he looks out his side of the chopper.

"I don't see her eith-!" Jesse suddenly gets cut off as the chopper gets hit from something else and shakes again violently. The chopper starts to spin in circles fiercely.

'We're going down! Sit down!' John and Nova yell back at them.

Jesse tries to go back to his seat, but the chopper jerks to the left and he starts to roll back to the open door. Levi with quick reflexes grabs his hand as Jesse's body hangs half way out the door.

'Levi! I'm slipping!' Jesse screams as his hands begin to slide out of Levi's.

"I'm not letting go of you! Just hold on!" Levi yells back scared.

"I cant!!"

The chopper continues to spin and gets within a few feet to the ground when something else on the chopper explodes, its jerks Levi up into the ceiling hitting it and letting go of Jesse.

"Noo! Jesse!"

Jesse screams as he flies out the door and out of sight.



"Then what happen Nova?" Levi leans in for more, grabbing onto Jesse.

"I cant remember...I'm sorry."

Jesse sits there quietly and starts to shake in place. Levi noticies him shaking and turns to face him. 

"Babe, whats wrong? Do you remember anything?" Jesse nods his head.

"Its alright, your here. Nothing bad happen to you. Tell us what happen." Jesse looks up at him with fear and sadness in his eyes.

"I died."



 :3 I fixed the part where she decribes what happen. I did not like it at all! So I fixed it and now I am pleased :)





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