Devil's Blood Island (bxb)

Levi, his younger sister Nova and Levi's boyfriend and there friends go to an abandoned island close to the Bahamas near Florida. But the island is located directly in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle also known as the Devils Triangle. What happens when friends start to go missing, dead, and even mutated? Will they find out the secrets of this legend of stories of extraterrestrial beings or paranormal activity, or will they find out something they should never have found out and live to tell of it?


4. Fight to Protect

Jesse and Nova sprint for the creatures head on screaming to get their attention. I look around me and see rock and climb on top of it for some cover, just in case their are more around.

They get the attention of the creatures and dart their heads at Jesse. Nova stops him and she starts yelling at Glenn. 'When we get their attention, you both climb down and head for the rocks!'

He nods his head.


*Novas P.O.V.*

'Jesse, be careful alright.'

'don't worry, always am' he says with a grin and winks at me.

We start cirling the tree as we hear the low and menacing growls of the monsters. Ashley starts to whimper and cry as I eye her. She lowers her head and the other monsters begin to growl louder and start snapping their jaws at us. I look around me for a weapon and see a small sharp like rock behind me, I grab it in one hand and use my other arm for some protection.

'their are only four of them, nova, we can easily take them out.'

'don't be too cocky, we still don't know what they can do..'

One monster lunges at us and Jesse sucker punches it on the side of the head and it cries with pain as it gets flung to the side. Another charges at us. It snaps at me and I easily dodge it and pierce the top of it's head with the rock as it gets lodged in its skull. Dark muddy bloos oozes out of the wound and from its mouth. I drop the monster to the ground, another monster jumps on me and tries to bite my face, Jesse grabs it by the neck and twists its neck around and snaps its neck. It drops dead on the ground next to me. Ashley on all fours start growling and hissing at us.

I look over at the tree and see glenn and rain already gone. I look to find Levi and see him on a boulder watching nervously. Then I hear him yell, ' nova! Watch out!'

I focus back on the fight and see Ashleys claws going for my neck, I barely dodge her and I roll outta the way. Jesse starts to throw puinches at her as she easily and swiftly dodges them with ease. She grabs a punch and turns his arm, he kicks her in the stomach and she growls and let's him go.

Ashely starts to howl and scream into the wind as her sound echos thought out the island. And we hear more howls all around us.

'Levi!' Jesse yells to him and he hops off the boulder and runs to us.

Ashely launches her self at Jesse, she grabs him by the neck and starts to drag him away. He starts kicking sand and scratching at the monsters hand.

'No!' I hear Levi scream

I pull the rock out of the monsters head and jump on her back and stab it in the chest. It roars in pain and headbutts me in the face and I fall off, and open my eyes and feel pain in my nose. I touch it lightly and a huge load of pain engulfs my face and I feel liquid dripping out my nose, I wipe the liquid and see the blood.

I look around and see Ashely pulling the rock out of her chest, Levi is by jesse.

Jesse tribes to get up but then I notice red stains on his shirt, he's..bleeding.

The howling starts to get closer and closer, and I hear Glenn and Rain screaming at us to hurry.

Ashely walks slowly towards Jesse, I clench my fist together and run up behind her and punch her on the side of the face. She drops to the ground with a thud. I help Jesse and Levi get to the rock. As we get closer I look to my right to see monsters exiting the brushes, tall grass, and woods. We pick up our pace as the monsters start running and crawling towards us laughing hysterically, screaming, roaring, and growling.

We get to the large boulders and get help from rain and glenn. As im about hallway up a monster grabs my leg and starts to pull me down. As I start kicking at it, it finally let's go but stratches my ankle. I yelp in pain and climb up on the boulder.

I get up along with everyone else and see us completely surrounded by the monsters gnawing and clawing at the rock. Smearing blood, mud and sand all over the sides..

'What do we do now?!' rain yells out

'I don't know..' is all Jesse says before he blacks out.


Levi catches him and lays him down.

As everyone crowds him, my head started to feel misty. My vision gets blurred and disoriented, I feel my body heating up and my breath being lost. I slowly feel myself swaying back and forth, opening and closing my eyes. I suddenly feel my body being consumed in darkness, and I black out...

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