Devil's Blood Island (bxb)

Levi, his younger sister Nova and Levi's boyfriend and there friends go to an abandoned island close to the Bahamas near Florida. But the island is located directly in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle also known as the Devils Triangle. What happens when friends start to go missing, dead, and even mutated? Will they find out the secrets of this legend of stories of extraterrestrial beings or paranormal activity, or will they find out something they should never have found out and live to tell of it?


2. Death Becomes You

Nova looks over at me then to Jesse who ignores my gaze as he stares at the ground.

'Babe, dont play like that. What happen?'

His body tenses up and he starts shaking violently. 'Jesse!' He starts trembling and a tear slides down his cheek. 'I died, I died, I died.' Jesse starts repeating over and over to himself.

'Jesse snap out of it!' I start shaking his shoulders lightly. 'Levi, I died.' He says looking up to me with watery eyes.

'Tell us what happen, Jesse, c'mon tell us.' Nova says cupping his cheeks in her hands. He nods his head and wipes away the tears strolling down his face.

He breathes in a puff of air and lets it out. He slowly stops trembling. 'Alright, I'll try.' He smiles at me and I give me a peck on the lips. 


**Hours Earlier**



Jesse gets flung out the open door nearly missing the propellors, quickly he grips the rails under the chooper. As he hangs for dear life, Jesse could hear Levi screaming his name.

'Jesse! Oh god no! Jesse!'

Jesse replies back, but his voice gets carried away by the fierce wind.

'Levi! Im still hanging on!' His voice gets swpet by the wind into the sky.

As the chopper spirals closer and closer to the ground Jesse lets go and gets flung to the ground. As he free falls to the ground he looks up and sees the sky getting farthur an farthur away. He closes his eyes and hits the ground with a loud thud and snap in his left leg. As he hits the ground he starts to roll and skid across the sand. As he rolls he hits his head against a rock, and then as he comes to a stop he hits a boulder against his back and leans on it. Slowly losing consousness.

HIs vision starts to get blurry and he starts to feel liquid caressing his face asit slowly makes its way down his head.

Then almost immediately a loud explosion is heard ahead of him over some trees, he sees pitch black smoke gliding up into the sky. Pieces from the explosion come hurling in every direction, by instinct he closes his eyes.

He feels a sharp burning pain as some o fthe fire blast hits him and burns his chest, burning his flesh and burning his clothing. Leaving only his melting bare flesh on his chest.

He slowly opens his eyes and scans the area. Debree in every direction some nearly missing his head and body. he sighs a small breath of air.

He then feels the sharp painful feeling in his chest, he slowly looks down and sees the a scarp of metal dug into his chest aswell.

The blood suddenly started to pour out of him, Jesse desperately tries to stop it but doesnt make in time. He starts to daze and lose sight. He slowly tries to crawl towards the explosion on all fours, but doesnt make it far. He lies on his back as a tear falls down his check.

'Im sorry Levi, im so' And with his last breath a shining white bright light engulfs him.

His body dissapears from where he was. Then a few minutes later the blinding white lights shines on the spot he was on and dissapears.

This time Jesse is laying their unconsious.

He awakens several seconds later startled. He lifts up his head slowly, with a throbbing headache to check himself and his wounds are gone. He sets his head back down and starts to blink slowly trying to peiece together what happen.

He closes them one last time, the he feels something hover over him.

He opens his eyes and sees Levi hovering over him crying.

Lev croutches down and cries even more, holding onto Jesse for dear life.

'Im never letting you go. Do you understand me? Never! Im so sorry Jesse, im so sorry..' He continues to cry, then Nova and John come into view. They croutch over him too and they all embrace in a hug crying.

After a few minutes, they all let go and help Jesse up.

'We need to go to the port to see if anyone else made it to the island. Then after we will go looking for Ashley.' John says in a calm collected voice.

Everyone nods there heads, as they are about to move a schriek is heard behind them. Jesse is thrown to the tree banging his head once again. He falls to the ground stunned and dizzy, he faintly hears Levi yelling.

'What the fuck is that!?' Levi scream out. Growls are roaring are heard as it gets quieter and quieter.

Then John screams out a blood curddling yell. Then dead silence.After Jesses head gets on track he opens his eyes and lifts himself up to see the scene.

A trail of blood and flesh leading to the ocean, Levi holding Nova in a gaurded poistion with her eyes closed as well.

Jesse fainlty hears Levi calling out to him as he starts to feel a migrain throbbing in his head, then he starts to puke on the ground, then suddenly blacks out.


'Thats all I remember..' Jesse says sadly.

'Levi, what about you? Do you remember anything?' Nova asks him.

He thinks to himself for a moment, 'Yea, I do. I remember everthing that happen from that moment and what attacked us.'

Nova and Jesse lean in closer.

'What was it?' Jesse asks slowly.


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