Devil's Blood Island (bxb)

Levi, his younger sister Nova and Levi's boyfriend and there friends go to an abandoned island close to the Bahamas near Florida. But the island is located directly in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle also known as the Devils Triangle. What happens when friends start to go missing, dead, and even mutated? Will they find out the secrets of this legend of stories of extraterrestrial beings or paranormal activity, or will they find out something they should never have found out and live to tell of it?


3. Ashley 4.0

Jesse and Novas mouth drops open and looks at one another.

'Ashley? Are you sure?' Nova asks getting up off the ground and patting her butt.

'Yea, im positive'

Jesse shakes his head in disbelief 'How do you know it was her?'

'Her blonde hair, and the clothes she had on before she disappeared'

'...What did she look like?' Nova says looking back at me with tears in her eyes.

'She didnt look much human, more like a canine. I barely recognized her though, she looked crazed. She took John towards the beach, I wanted to go after them but I didnt wanna leave you two here vulnerable.'

Nova bawls up her fist and starts shouting at me, 'I could have taken care of us Levi, you should have gone after them!' She shakes her head and laughs. 'Levi, did you forget that me and Jesse both took karate classes? I could have handled it, we aren't little girls who cant take care of themselves! God dammit!' She punches the bark of a palm tree. 'Ouch! Fuuuck!'

'Nova, im sorry. Please. Calm down, I just didn't want anything bad happening to you guys.' I look down at my feet and bawl up my fist as well.

Nova relaxes herself and walks towards me and puts a hand on my shoulder, 'Look Levi, im sorry. Should we follow the trail?' She looks me in the eyes and smiles.

I nod my head and see Jesse examining the trail of blood to the beach.

'Jesse, whats wrong?' I ask him

'I dont know, this trail is strange.' Hes says with suspicion

Nova walks to towards him and bends down to look at the trail as well, 'What do you mean?'

He looks down at her then to the beach, 'If he was getting pulled wouldnt he have put up a struggle or something at least? And look the dragging and blood stops half way, then you see footsteps. But only one persons.'

'Ashley's' Nova interrupts him.

'But that doesn't make any sense, what happen to John?' I ask Jesse.

'Levi, did you happen to maybe see something like maybe that bright light?' Jesse asks me.

I think to myself for a few seconds. 'I think so, now that I think about it. While I had my eyes closed I actually felt my face heating for a few seconds before it stopped. Does that mean that bright light took him away like it did Ashley?'

Nova starts to slowly follow the trail, 'You guys think we should follow the trail? We might find everyone else!..'

Oh shit, I completely forgot about everyone else that came to the island also. I hope they're all holding up also. 'I think so, we might run into some of them'

'Or a boat!' Jesse calmy yells out.

Nova waits for us to catch up. 'Then lets get going. Jeez, this was supposed to be the best fucking party before we graduate.'

As we catch up to Nova, Jesse stops me by putting his arm in front of me.

"Whats wrong?' Nova steps towards us.

'Shh, do you hear that?' Jesse replies

'Hear what? I dont hear anything'

'Shhhh..' He puts his finger to his lips.

Then we all hear the barely noticeable screams coming from the beach

Novas and Levis eyes widen in shock, ' Thats Rain and Glenn!'

'Oh no! Lets go help!' Jesse yells and dashes toward the beach with us tailing behind him

'Glenn! Rain!' Nova screams for their names.

'Help us!'

'Someone help us!'

Their screaming sends a chill down my spine as we get closer to them.

'Where are you!?' Nova yells out loud.

'In the fucking palm trees!' Rain yells back.

'We look ahead of us and into the trees and see them both at the top hanging on for dear life. We look at the bottom and see Ashley and another two things creeping, growling, and biting at the two in the tree.

'Nova! Jesse! Help us!' Glenn pleads.

'Nova.' Jesse and Nova look at each other and nod.

'Lets do this, Levi get back and be careful.' Jesse tells me and smiles.

They both look back to the creatures and dash for them screaming.




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