Devil's Blood Island (bxb)

Levi, his younger sister Nova and Levi's boyfriend and there friends go to an abandoned island close to the Bahamas near Florida. But the island is located directly in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle also known as the Devils Triangle. What happens when friends start to go missing, dead, and even mutated? Will they find out the secrets of this legend of stories of extraterrestrial beings or paranormal activity, or will they find out something they should never have found out and live to tell of it?


7. Alone in the Darkness

'So your telling me you saw Edward and Aztec both walk out of the water, after they got drowned and crushed by the sea monster?' Levi asking puzzled.

Both Glenn and Rain look at each other and nod. 

'Well what happen next?' Levi asks

'Well we followed them of course..well we didn't get far. When we got half way to them, these things here attacked us. That's when we climbed the palm tree and then you guys came soon after.' Rain says looking over the edge of the boulder.

'They went towards the into the jungle, towards the volcano?' Levi asking to make sure. 

Glenn nods his head. 

'Well then I guess we need to go after them, what do you say?" Levi says smirking.

'How? How are we going to get away from these dogs?' Glenn says dumbfounded.

Levi looks around as he hears shuffling behind him. He looks to see both Nova and Jesse struggling to wake up. With joy Levi rushes to them embracing them both in hug. In pain from the the tight hug, Nova and Jesse groan.

'Oh dear, im sorry.' Levi says scratching the back of his head. He softly grabs Jesse's face and kisses him slowly. Jesse moaning grabs Levi by the back of the head, and kisses him hard.

'Woo! Calm down guys.' Nova says giggling softly to herself. Levi and Jesse both look at Nova smiling. They begin to hear the growling of he monsters.

'What the hell is that?' Nova ask's nervously. Jesse and Nova both crawl to the edge and look over. Both wide-eyed.

'Oh shit. We are completely surrounded by them.' Jesse says nervously.

'What are we gonna do?' Nova ask's even more nervous.

'We don't, we've been trying to figure out what to do the past hour' Glenn says sighing.

Jesse holds Levi's hand as they all sit in a circle.

'How are we gonna get out?' Jesse says poking at his scab.

'We haven't really got any solid plans, but we've been thinking that we could find a way to distract them while the others got away into the forest, then we regroup and fend them off if we have to.' Levi says slowly.

Both Nova and Jesse look at each other frowning.

'Thats a horrible idea!' Nova shouts.

'My thoughts exactly.' Jesse adds.

'First of all, one of us could possibly be able to outrun these monsters, second if we plan on fighting. Why don't we do it here?' Nova blurts out.

Levi looks down defeated, shrugs his shoulders.

'Listen, personally it sounds like a good idea. But who really wants to be bait while the others get away and possibly live?' Jesse says in a matter-of-fact tone.

No one says anything, but looks down at the ground.

Jesse looks at Nova and gives a small smirk. Nova nods her head.

'We'll do it.' Nova speaks up.

Levi lifting his head up immediately. 'Do what!' He shouts nervously.

'We are going to fend them off while you guys go into the forest.' Jesse says with a sly smile.

'NO.' Levi says shaking his head, furious.

'We can do it, we can fend them off!' Nova says annoyed.

'I'm not going to let something else happen to you both again! Jesse fucking died and came back to life! And then you both fight off a small pack of fucking monsters and then black out! I thought you both died!' Levi screams at them both as he gets up and paces back and forth.

He slows down his pacing and stops to look at the two sitting down. 'My heart literally stopped when I saw you go down Jesse, and then you go down next Nova. My heart stopped. First thought was that you guys died..died. I didn't know what to do, I had no clue. I felt alone. But when I knew you were still alive, I never felt so relieved to know you both were safe. I want to protect you both. I don't want anything else to happen to neither of you, all of you in fact.' He says as he looks everyone in the eyes. He looks down as a lump in his throat forms and fights to hold back his tears.

'I want to protect you all, yet I couldn't even do anything.' Levi says defeated.

Jesse grabs Levi and pulls him into a hug. Levi begins to cry on his shoulder. 'Shh, its ok babe. Nothing's going to happen to us, we are going to be fine. Its fine.'

Nova joins the embrace and hugs them both. Then Rain and Glenn.

Levi stops crying and looks around at his friends hugging him. 'We are going to fight these monsters off, we are going to go find our friends and get the hell off his damn island.' Levi says angered.

'Lets go.'

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