Concerning Everyone

Focusing on the real point of pollution: Over-Population
Entry for the Movellas Gets Political competition.


1. Concerning Everone

Global Warming is to do with everyone. Whether everyone makes it to do with them is an entirely different matter. We can all easily talk about saving the Polar Bear or the Ozone Layer being destroyed, but the majority of the time, people aren't bothered. Its something far off, and our economy can barely support itself, never mind some vast yet quickly melting plain of ice and snow. There is something that involves everyone, however. And that is the looming problem of over population.

Factories are giving out ozone layer destroying fumes, right? Why must we keep them running? Why not turn some off and take down some of the toxicity? We can't. And why? We need resources. And lately, more of them. We are starting to run out of natural resources, and we continue to use them, driving on ahead, aware but blissfully ignorant of the stop we will come to. But why do we need more? Why not just the exact amount we already give out? The answer is over population.

In China, the most highly populated country in the world, you are fined for having a second child. It is fair and unfair in equal parts. Unfair in the part that people must pay for love, pay for the desire of having a full family. Fair in the part that if China gets any more cramped full than it already is, it will simply overflow with people.

 How do we fix over population? There is the awful, dark thought in the back of everybody's mind of the simple way to fix, even bring down the population of the world, but if we intend to save our world, we should by all means do it with more than a shred of humanity in us. But then again, I guess that dark thought is part of humanity. We could bring down birth restrictions like China, though I fear there would be rebellion in that path. How do we fix this? How do make our planet whole again? I must finish on this thought however. How do we save our planet whilst saving ourselves?

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