With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility

Brooklyn and Louis are the kids of the superhero superman. They live in a training facility and have never been into the outside world. The only glance they have had to the outside world is a small window in each of there rooms. That all changes one day...........


3. the bench

What did the person need? I pulled out my phone and started texting Niall. N-niall B-Brooklyn

B-I'm really nervous.


B-Louis picked me up,literally, and told me someone needed to talk to me.

N-Crap, that sounds bad.


N-Hang in there gtg!


N-on a date

B-awwwwww with who?

N-A girl named Michelle, I really like her, she plays guitar,soccer,plays piano, and is the most beautiful thing in the world.

B-that's good i hope your happy!

As I sent that text Liam can  and sat next to me.

"Are you the one that needs to talk to me?" I asked him.

"Bingo!" He said.

"OK, you what do you need?" I asked him.

"Brooklyn, we've known each other forever and when I laid eyes on you, I instantly wanted to date you, then  we grew up together , I loved you even more.  I know this is stupid, but will you go out with me?" he asked.

"ummmmmmmmmm............." I said. "will Lou be ok with it?"

"Yep, I checked with him already!" he said impatiently.

"Well, then sure!" I told him.

He leaned in and we kissed, I felt a spark and it felt like he was the one.

"I didn't let you make out with her!" Louis yelled as he walked around the corner.

"I'm sorry, Lou he told me he loved me and all that junk!" I yelled as I ran up to him. "don't kill him please!!!"

"Liam, run!!" I yelled to Liam.

He got up and ran to his room.

"What did he want?" he asked as he calmed down a bit.

"He asked me out." I replied.

"ok, well I need to talk to you." he told me.



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